Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 8, 2011

Day 21 – WPFG Adventure – There is no place like home…

I had a plan…ride hard, get home surprise my wife Rae!  Simple really, get up early and ride…easy considering that I had something special to give her for our 10th anniversary!

For the second day in a row I was on the road before the sun was up!  To say that I was exhausted is an understatement, yet I was super motivated to surprise Rae…go time!

Literally from Billings it was straight north on Hwy 87, no traffic, little scenery, lots of animals, and stretches with big temperature shifts!  At one point I went from 20 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees, then back up…all in about a 4 mile stretch!  Very weird!!!

The other thing that stands out about the ride was how little traffic there was, and how remote any help would be.  There was not much along the stretch of Hwy 87 and 191…and it was such a peaceful ride, allowing me to reflect on the ride, the people, and how blessed I am.

I reached the Canadian border before noon, and was through in a heartbeat!  My happiness at being in my own country was short lived, as the roads in that area of Saskatchewan are in very, very bad shape…the next 2 hours of the ride were brutal, with missing pieces of asphalt, gravel everywhere, bumps, potholes, tar, and loose stones.  It made travel very slow.

The positive side was seeing a small herd of antelope on the side of the road, plotting…sneaky little beggars!   Then there was a mother moose and her calf trotting along, taking little notice of me…she was a magnificent animal!

I managed to get to Saskatoon in time to surprise my wife at her work, and when she came out I gave her a Leo Diamond ring with 5 diamonds, one for each year of our marriage!   Not to mention the fact that we are both Leo’s!  Symbolism is not lost with me, yes sir, I get it!  I knelt on one knee and said that I could not miss another moment without her, my lover, my partner, my friend, and that I hoped she would accept the ring as a symbol of our marriage, past present and future!  Of course I could not get that all out, but I came pretty darn close!!!  =D  Happy 10th Anniversary my liebling!

So I kissed her and then rode home, after all I had travelled 15 states, 3 provinces, and 9,761 km, so I was tired!  I arrived home, and unpacked the BMW…it had been an adventure for sure, a wide range of emotions, and time alone to reflect upon my life.  I was blessed with the opportunity to compete as part of a team again with Pete, Raz and JP…THAT made the trip worth it alone!  The time I spent walking around with Raz and Pete in NYC was also very significant,  thanks for being there for the retired guy fellas!

I came in 11th in Grand Master in Police Action Pistol and about middle of the pack overall, not bad for the limited preparation, no gear, borrowed pistol and physical limitations.  I am very happy with how I did, and I am looking forward to the next WPFG in Belfast, Ireland…I truly hope that my wife, Pete, Raz and JP can make it!

So….Do not wait until tomorrow, prepare for it, but do not wait, for it may never be…life is an adventure, live it!



  1. Ray, Ray,…nice to read and see how good life is going for you and Rae.. Drop me a line if you can..James from CPS

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