Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 5, 2011

Day 19 – WPFG Adventure – High Plains Drifter reaches the mountains!

Although I was exhausted last night, I did not sleep well for some reason, so I decided to get an early start, getting on the road just after 6:00am!  The sun was not even up!  I noticed immediately that it was COLD, 7 degrees Celsius cold!  Yikes…

The ride was awesome with very little traffic… for hours!   I did not run into any heavy traffic until I reached Fort Collins, Colorado, which was about noon.  So roughly 6 hours of high plains, straight roads and heavy winds, and little else.

Once I reached Fort Collins the traffic became very heavy, mostly coming out of the mountains, however I was going into them, not a bad situation for me!  I followed Hwy 14 westbound into the mountains, and it quickly became vary narrow gorge, more affectionately known as Poudre Canyon:


What an amazing ride with each corner (and there are lots) a surprise in the scenery, rapids, steep canyon walls, waterfalls, bridges, tunnels, I could have spent a couple of days exploring this area.  It was well worth the detour for me, although it added significant time to the trip today.

Hwy 14 eventually links up with Hwy 40 westbound, another very scenic route, but jammed with tons of traffic.  I truly enjoyed the riding, and the scenery, it is what I love about the west, and the traffic died off somewhat after I passed Steamboat Springs, CO.  The BMW got a really good workout with all the corners, and I am pretty sore as well.

After an extremely long day in the saddle, I made it to Vernal, UT!!!  WOW  So I did what any good rider would do, found a hotel and jumped into the HOT TUB!!!  There is a theme here…  =D  LOL

I am going to be heading straight north tomorrow for the first time, and the path should take me through the Grand Teton Mountain Range, then Yellowstone, and Bear Tooth Pass!  I am so excited!



  1. Hello Ray, How is it going?

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