Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 4, 2011

Day 18 – WPFG Adventure – Macon to McCook!

I got up early, excited to head out of Missouri and put a long day in the saddle to clear the flatlands of Kansas.  I was on the road in a flash, heading west towards Kansas on Hwy 36, a really nice 4 lane highway with zero traffic!  It was nice for the second day in a row to have long stretches of road with very few vehicles to worry about.

I noticed a sign for the Locust Creek Covered Bridge and decided to have a look.  It was almost 2 miles of gravel road (not a rough road) to get there and I parked the bike.  By the look of the parking area, there are not many visitors to the bridge.  I grabbed my camera and headed down a long path with trees draping over it…it was so very quiet and quite beautiful.

I reached the bridge and it immediately reminded me of the movie Sleepy Hollow, and the long covered bridge in it.   It was so quiet it was rather eerie, and I had an uneasy feeling I was being watched.  I did not see anyone or any cameras, so I knew there was no one but I could not shake the feeling.  I walked around the bridge taking pictures and then walked up to the entrance…looking towards the other end really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  I walked in and all the way to the other side, took some pictures and then decided to leave.  I still felt I was being watched…very weird!  =|

I jumped on the BMW and we continued out journey west on Hwy 36, also known as the Pony Express Highway.  Not much to report really, not a bad drive, but not much in the way of scenery or adventure.  I checked the BMW’s final drive each time I stopped and the measures I took seemed to be working, there was a little seepage but nothing to worry about.

I finally found a place to stay in McCook, Nebraska, and of course tested the hot tub right away.  I am pumped about heading into Colorado tomorrow, it is going to be an awesome day!




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