Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 2, 2011

Day 16 – WPFG Adventure – An OMG what the heck day!

I had decided to get up early to put in a hard days ride to get as far west as I could, away from most of the heavily populated areas of the east.  I was tired this morning having had nightmares all night, must have scared myself!  LOL

I did not waste any time at all, being very efficient at packing, eating and loading the bike.  Before long I was on the road, westbound on I-70, making time!  It was already 25 degrees Celsius so it was going to be a warm day!

Interstate driving is tedious at the best of times, so maintaining 100% vigilance is always a challenge.  I was enjoying the lovely morning ride westbound, with a group of cars far in front, a white Lincoln Town Car about 50 meters in front of me, and a large group of traffic coming up behind us.  I noticed movement to the right, and suddenly there was a small doe on the highway in front of the Lincoln!  He swerved frantically to the left fishtailing just missing the deer which now was completely panicked and bouncing (as deer do) head on towards me!  My heart officially visited my throat, my blood decided that it required a huge burst of adrenalin, and I did what I needed to do, no braking (no time) just swerved to the left, just missing the deer who was now heading right into the path of the following pack of cars/trucks.  I could hear screeching brakes, but did not look back, and gave it gas lest I get rear ended by someone looking at the deer instead of looking in front of themselves.  I am not sure if anyone hit the deer, but after the adrenalin wore off and I started to shake, I actually felt sad for the little deer (only because I did not hit it cause that would have made a bad day for us both) as it must have been so scared.  Poor thing…

I continued westbound, grateful that I had played dodge-ball with another deer and won this time!  Yay me!

The heat increased rapidly throughout the morning and I was looking for an excuse to stop and take a break, and BAM, there is Competition Accessories, a very large provider of motorcycle gear!  So I took the next turn off and eventually made my way back to the store.  It was an absolutely massive building, and I was so excited, yeah motorcycle things do that for me…I am a motorcycle geek!  I walked around the air conditioned building looking at motorcycles (a nice Red Ducati Multi Strada), clothing and gear.  It was about the nicest way yet to stretch my legs and have a break.  I needed to get back on the road so I headed out to the BMW and was approached by Keith, who had recently purchased a BMW RT1150.  We chit chatted for a while and he said he was going planning a trip around the north of Lake Superior, a trip I literally had just done!  I gave him some hints on places to see, webisites and places to avoid, it was sad that I had to carry on, I could have talked motorcycles and travel all day long with him.

I noticed an extremely heavy police presence in Ohio, all along I-70, so much so that I counted at least 21 police vehicles during my trip across that state.  Those were the ones that I had personally seen, so there obviously is an issue with I-70, which was my thought as I left the state.  Then it occurred to me that the speed limit was 65 yet it was 70 in the Indiana…the traffic flowed at about the same pace with a few vehicles pushing the envelope, making them easy pickings.

As the afternoon wore on, I knew that I needed to get off the road, it was already 38 degrees Celsius and I was beginning to feel the effects of the heat.  I started to look for places to stay as I approached Indianapolis, Indiana.  I did not want to stay in the city and took the bypass around it.  There was constuction preventing me from thaking the normal off ramp to Hwy 74, so I pulled off the rim road onto highway 136 and headed westbound to get on highway 74 via another exit.  I saw a big commotion ahead, and realized that a major traffic accident had just taken place about a kilometer in front of me.  Traffic came to a stand still and I did not want to try and get around just in case emergency vehicles needed the space.  Eventually traffic began to flow, and I saw a man fighting with people trying to get to a car which had been crushed from a side impact.  The car was a Chev Cobalt which had been T-Boned by a Chev full size pickup truck at high speed.  I could see the passenger was trapped and that was why the fight was taking place, the man wanted to get to the car, and people were holding him back.  It did not look good, and although I wanted to stop, there was already too many people there, and that would make the job of Fire Rescue members even more difficult.  I could not believe how many people had just stopped jumped out of their vehicles, leaving them blocking the road.  Awesome thought to help, but pull off the road, leave space for the rescue vehicles and EMTs.  It was a sad sight…similar to so many I have witnessed throughout my career.  I said a little prayer as I continued west.

I finally found a place to stay in Crawfordsville, IN and was happy to get out of the heat.  What a day.


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