Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 1, 2011

Day 15 – WPFG Adventure – Dark cloud strikes again!

The sleep I had last night was the best I have had in over a year, and that is without medication for my hands!  YAY!!!!!!!  That made sleeping in worth it, normally I am up really early, but today 9:00am!  I had a quick shower and had breakfast, super excited about riding in the southern Pennsylvanian hills.

As I packed the bike I noticed that it was overcast, with no signs of rain clouds I thought what perfect weather for a ride.  Warm, little wind, and just the right amount of light, what more could I ask for!

I headed southwest on secondary roads near Hwy 995 and the Whitetail Ski Resort, and there was literally no one on the roads!  The route was full of challenging corners, big dips, and the both combined!  I had so much fun, enjoying the perfect weather, perfect roads, what an amazing hour.  I did pass a giant 3 wheeled tractor type of farm equipment that I had never seen before…I gave the farmer the biggest wave ever, he nodded, probably thinking who is that alien looking guy!  LOL

Just as I reached Hwy 40A westbound I could see Mr Dark Cloud, dang it I thought, and not long after that the skies opened up big time, thunder, lightening and heavy rain.  I stopped to put on my rain gloves and then carried on westbound.  The rain did not let up, and it was extremely challenging once I got onto I-68, heavy traffic, corners, limited visibility, lots of water on the road, and claps of thunder.  There must have been a lightening strike near the highway, because one of the thunder boomers sounded like a BOMB behind my helmet!  Scared the crap out of me, so I pulled off at the next rest stop to take a little rest to keep my concentration up to par.

Mr Dark Cloud was trying to intimidate me, and he was doing a good job.  By the time I reached Wheeling West Virginia I was exhausted even though I had not covered that much territory.  I started to look for a place to dry out for the night, and eventually found a hotel in St Clairsville.  I was dripping wet when I walked in the the hotel, and there was a guy talking to the clerk, he called me the terminator…I was thinking did I really look like a terminator or more like an alien?  Hhhhhhhmmmmm…

So I settled in for the rest of the night, setting up my gear so it could dry properly.  I am not sure where I am going tomorrow, but maybe I will put some miles on to get further west…I might get to spend some time in the Rockies then!   The morning was so good, that there is nothing that Mr Dark Cloud could have done to ruin my day…  =D


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