Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 31, 2011

Day 14 – WPFG Adventure – NYC to Chambersburg

WOW, another short night and I needed a Timmies bad, but I wanted to get on the road before NYC traffic got crazy.  So I was packed and ready to go by 05:30am!  I decided to take the Holland Tunnel off Manhattan Island and then head west to check out the Gettysburg Battleground which is in Pennsylvania.

I had studied the map, knew the highways to take, and had the Garmin GPS set up, no problems right?  LOL  For some reason my Garmin took me on a tour of New Jersey, and then back to Manhattan!  Although it took me through some interesting areas, the increase in traffic had me wanting the fastest way out of the mess I got myself in!  =D

I eventually found my way to Hwy 78 and took it westbound to Harrisburg and then south to Gettysburg.  I even found a fake of a German WWII Tiger1 tank!  I took a turn to get close to it, and ended up on a gravel road which eventually took me to the tank.  I knew that it was mocked up on a Russian T-34 tank (also WWII vintage) but it was cool to see that they got the turret pretty close, as well as the other details.  I was also aware that there were fake Tiger tanks used in Kelly’s Heros (old Clint Eastwood movie) as well as Saving Private Ryan, so I knew that this might be one of those knock offs!  Sure enough it was one of the ones built just for Saving Private Ryan!  Cool!!!  In the movie you can clearly see the plate in the front which is now missing and the number on the turret.  It is now part of a re-enactment society!

I continued on to the Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors Center & Museum.   I was met by a very knowledgeable park ranger as I walked the path from the parking lot to visitors center.  He was so interesting, and was able to provide me with a relatively brief outline of the battle, in one attack (Pickett’s charge) the Confederate Army lost 5,000 men in just over an hour.  The area where it took place during the civil war is massive and almost surrounds the entire town of Gettysburg!  There is about 1500 memorials/monuments and it is where Abraham Lincoln made his Gettysburg Address.  I thanked the ranger for his help and had a brief look inside the center, then made the decision to drive around checking out the battlefield.  I drove around for an hour and the ranger was right, it is an absolutely massive area where the battle (actually multiple battles) took place.  The pictures I took do not do it justice, suffice to say if your ever in the area, it is definitely a must see!

I was so tired that I needed to find a place to stay, the ride had been pleasant, but I was quickly losing concentration, so much so that it was not safe to be on the road.  I found a hotel in nearby Chambersburg, and booked myself in…first task, unpack, second task…HOT TUB!!!!  Oh yeah, I LOVE it!  It helped sooth my muscles and I had a little nap afterward.

I am not sure where I am going tomorrow, but I do know I will enjoy the adventure!



  1. It was great to read your blog, especially the section about the Catskills, which I know and love. It is hard knowing that the areas you saw may have now been devastated, and may well be under water. My friends who live up there are battling the conditions now.
    Unfortunately, the disorganization you experienced in the pistol events was even worse for the cyclists, as far as I know. And it wasn’t because of the hurricane.
    I am glad you had a good experience in NYC, even though the Bronx was a bit hairy.

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