Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 27, 2011

Day 10 – WPFG Adventure – Batten down the hatches NYC!

Well…I really slept in, all the way to 9;45 am!  I must have been really tired, all the excitement must have tuckered me out!  LOL

I turned on the TV to see what ole Hurricane Irene had done over night and it was not good, although I have found that the media is really, really pumping this up.  Which is not really a bad thing if it saves even one life or prevents someone from being injured, everything happens for a reason.

I decided to walk around, stock up on food, and such, as well as examine the area for egress routes in case things get ugly.  Always good to have a plan, even if the likely-hood of it ever being implemented is close to zero.

I walked around Madison Square Garden and Penn Station (which was closed) and noticed that there was construction scaffolding on the gardens, as well as nearby buildings and that said scaffolding did not look too sturdy in my humble opinion.  I took some pictures so that I could compare the pictures I am going to take after Irene visits, just to see if there was any effect…who knows what will take place so it is good to have some before pictures!

As my walk about took me near Macys the skies opened up and I was literally right beside a camera shop which was conveniently open and just happened to have some cheap umbrellas!  I am now the proud owner of a high tech $5.00 H2O deflector, yeah timing is everything!  LOL

I then walked around in the rain, picked up some food and dropped it off in my hotel room.  I had also made arrangements to meet Raz and Pete at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and promptly headed that way.  The rain had subsided, but the streets were like a ghost town…I felt a little like Will Smith in “I am legend”, less the zombies, cool dog, and nice SUV!  LOL

Raz and Pete were walking up to the Convention Center at the same time as me, and we all made the same comment regarding how little traffic, human or vehicle there was.  I did however see a ship (Carnival Glory) heading out to sea, although it appeared to be travelling down a street from my point of view!  It was so weird, not being able to see the river, but having a huge ship going by!

Raz, Pete and I stood in the middle of the road, why you might ask?  Well because we could!  If this had been any other day we would have been road grease, but today, we had a clear view of the roads, with little to no traffic…it was pretty cool!  As we played int the streets, the National Guard (who had been called up for the hurricane) pulled up at the stop lights nearby while in a convoy, although cool it sure did tell me that there was the potential for problems.  Good to know!

We decided to walk the waterfront area along the Hudson River, eventually coming to the dock that had the USS Intrepid moored alongside.  On any other day this area would be PACKED with tourists (just like me) but not today, and we clowned around as the clouds got darker and darker over NYC.  During our walk about we had observed businesses taping windows, and the employees commented on how this was the first time EVER that everything had been shut down in NYC!

It was clear that it was time to call it a day and not push fate, so we headed to our respective hotel rooms full of anticipation and apprehension.  I wished Raz and Pete well, and walked alone back to my hotel.  I did not see very many people walking around, and it was not lost on me that I was about to experience my first hurricane…cool, yet a little scary at the same time.

Once I got back to my room, I settled in for the rest of the day, taking pictures  from my window when there appeared to be a change in the weather.  Not bad, or so I thought right up until the hotel made an announcement over the emergency loud speakers that the air conditioning and elevators would be shut down at 10:00pm and then repeated the announcement every hour, talk about winding people up.  They do however have a safe room set up on the second floor, but I think I will not be using that.  If anything I will try to get some shots from the roof (safely) once Irene arrives in full force later tonight.  I am guessing that they locked the door to the roof so guys like me would stay away!  LOL

In the mean time I think I will enjoy some wine, and hope that Irene does not hurt anyone else…she has already proved to be deadly.


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