Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 25, 2011

Day 8 – WPFG Adventure – New York, New York!

I have been so tired lately that I needed a little sleep in…so I got up around 08:00am, so nice.  I had an awesome breakfast, packed quickly and was on the road before 9!

I wanted to ride on back roads as much as I could all the way to New York City, and stay as close to the Hudson River as possible.  I rode on Hwy 9D for a good stretch and was treated to some amazing riding again, nice roads, views and not too much traffic.  I even stopped to pick up some wine and pop to keep me refreshed in my room once I reached NYC.  The clerk made a comment about some severe weather, and I thought he was referring to the Hurricane, and he said no, there was some thunder storms and heavy rain coming through the area very soon.  I thanked him for the info, and hit the road!

I plotted a course to take me to NYC as quick as possible, avoiding only toll roads, my Garmin put me on the right track pretty quick.  It started to lightly rain as I was within about 8 miles of Manhattan Island, I was cheering in my helmet, which seemed to anger my nemesis Mr Dark Cloud, because not only did he open a torrent of rain on me, but said rain distracted me enough to miss a key turn.  So now I was stuck in traffic…for almost 2 hours, in the pouring rain!  Once on Manhattan Island I decided to ride straight across and then down Riverside Drive, might as well enjoy a nice view as I headed south to my hotel.  Although progress was slow due to traffic lights there was little traffic, and once I reached the area of 61 St I started weaving my way south through extremely heavy traffic, in the pouring rain.  It was insane!  No such thing as lanes, just go where you can fit yourself in…that must be the way of things here!  I had a close call with a cab who cut into my lane and when I touched the front brake it locked the front wheel!  I was able to save it by letting go of the front brake and braking harder with the rear…the roads were extremely slippery.

I pulled up to the hotel, water pouring off me, and people stared at me in amazement, I could see that they thought I was a little on the crazy side for riding in such bad weather.  The hotel staff were very helpful and got me into a room right away despite me being there a little early.  I put my bags in my room and then took the bike to the parkade the hotel uses, which just happens to be right beside Madison Square Gardens…cool!

I was happy to get back to the hotel room (on the 27th floor!), unpack and have a nice warm shower, aaaaaaaaahhhhhh.  Once I was all refreshed I decided to have a look outside and sure enough the rain had subsided…of course I was not on the bike any longer.  LOL

I decided to walk around midtown Manhattan, take some pictures, and enjoy the views.  I also headed to the Javits Convention Center to register.  It was pretty amazing to see all the fellow athletes from many different countries all doing the same thing and everyone excited at the adventure they were about to have!  I walked around the convention center for a bit, looking for any members from the Calgary Police Service, however did not see any.  I chatted with a fellow copper from Seattle, and took some pictures for some cops from Sweden, it was all very heart warming to be amongst others who share the same profession.

I continued my walk about and eventually located the hotel where some friends will be staying…I had decided to wait for them to arrive as their flight was scheduled to arrive at 6:30pm.  About 3 hours later I discovered that many flights from the western USA and Canada had been delayed due to heavy weather.

I walked back to the room, and now I am enjoying a nice Merlot…then it is nap time!  Opening Ceremonies are tomorrow in Brooklyn…Let the games begin!

***UPDATE – Some events have been cancelled due to the impending hurricane…I guess we are going to get hit by it!


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