Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 24, 2011

Day 7 – WPFG Adventure – Catskills to Poughkeepsie!

I was up around 6:00am and again took a really long time to sort myself out!  I needed a coffee so bad that I was wandering around the room for 5 minutes looking for the room key which was sitting in the open on the desk.  I had a leisurely breakfast which was surprisingly good, eggs, a hamburger type sauce, a banana, sausages, and a cup of joe!  It was so pleasant to sit and relax into the day.

I took forever to get ready, and then packed the bike, getting on the road by about 8:30am…tee hee hee.

I had looked at the map last night, and had decided to take back country roads to the Catskills, and then just let the ride take me on whatever road seemed inviting.  I took Hwy 31 east from Cicero and then headed south east towards the Catskills.  The traffic was extremely light, and the scenery amazing, reminding me of the British Colombia interior.  The big surprise was the roads, wide sweeping undulating curves non stop, I cannot adequately explain in words the joy I was feeling this morning.  It was like riding a good roller coaster for hours, except your banking the motorcycle like a fighter plane, and that was while riding “the pace”.    In fact traffic was so light there were extended time periods were I did not have to change speed or even touch the brakes, New York State is full of surprises!

I stopped for fuel in Norwich, NY and met a fellow riding a Harley who came over and struck up a conversation.  He knew about Saskatchewan, and how long a ride it must be, so we hit it off.  He then filled me in on why the US population is unhealthy (his words) the chemicals in the soil, which in turn are absorbed by the plants, which are then sold for consumption.  He told me about his organic farm on Long Island, and that he had to get home right away to prepare for Hurricane Irene.  I found the conversation very interesting, although I might not agree with everything he said, what we consume surely does affect our health, maybe I need to eat better!  =D

I reached the Catskills and then took a small road north Hwy 42 which was just amazing, following a small river, which was fed by streams all along the route.  In fact most of the highways follow streams, creeks, rivers or some body of water, so I stopped a few times to take some pictures and then just enjoyed the beauty of the region.  I rode the area until I literally got tired and sore from all the corners!  It was truly an area that I would go back to to explore, there is even an antique railroad that goes around the area, and you can enjoy it for a small fee.  I am happy to have had the chance to explore more of the state.

I finally started to look for a place to stay and ran into the same issue, many hotels are booked solid for students returning to college and the state fair.  After a couple of hours of looking I found a hotel just south of Poughkeepsie, I was so excited when the clerk said he had a room that I said “tttthhhhhatttt’s GREAT”  just like tony the tiger.  The clerk just looked at me like I had lost my mind, but was happy to give me the room none the less.

I unpacked the BMW and then decided to walk around the area.  I was able to take some pictures of the bridge over the Hudson that I had crossed earlier, as well as a weird sign on a building that was under construction, I had a little laugh over that one.  Then on the way back I took a slight detour and ended up about 40 yards from a Buck, staring me down.  I could see he was a bruiser as he was missing part of his horns and definitely was not backing down, which I found fascinating.   So I took a picture of him, and then made a big bear like noise, put my arms up like an idiot and that did the trick, no deer fight tonight!

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and today’s ride, it reminded me of a ride with some very special friends in Washington State, I wish I could have shared this day with them and my best friend Rae.  She is examining the possibility of flying out to NYC for the weekend, I guess she wants to experience the adventure of a hurricane and perhaps another earthquake!  LOL

So tomorrow is NYC, but I think I am going to take the long way there and see what other surprises New York State might have for me!  So excited!!!!  =D



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