Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 23, 2011

Day 6 – WPFG Adventure – Found a big apple on the way to Cicero NY!

I had a terrible sleep, my hands were super sore last night and despite a few glasses of Merlot, I was not able to get the sleep I needed.  It was a late morning waking up at around 8:00am and sat with my mom having a java and laughing about some of the fun times over the past 3 days.  I reluctantly packed up my gear, put everything on the bike, and gave my mom the biggest hug ever.  I was very sad to be leaving, but the journey has to continue…

Although I started late, it was the right thing to do as I missed all of the major rush hour traffic Hwy 401 is known for.  Talk about a pleasant ride, the sun was warm, the sky a perfect blue, a few cotton-ball type clouds, light traffic, and the wind at my back.  Even the construction zones flowed well!  I was truly enjoying the ride, listening to 40’s on 4, there is a great deal to be said for the music from the WWII era!

As I cruised along I noticed a big apple along the side of the highway, so I took the off ramp and went to have a look.  Indeed I had found a big apple on the way to the big apple!  Not only that but you can pay to climb a staircase through the core to the top.  I took a few pictures of the 4 story apple (it is near Colbourne, Ontario if your interested) and laughed at my luck…big apples everywhere, must be a sign of things to come!

I continued on and the ride was literally perfect, and I decided to take Hwy 2 to the Thousand Islands Bridge to the USA.  I tried to count them, but there was too many!  LOL  I did take a picture as I made it to the bridge and some of the islands in the area.  What a beautiful area, little cottages dotting islands everywhere, perfect area for a perfect ride.

I even made it through the border quickly, timing I guess, I managed to find a line with only two cars in it and when I reached them the front car made its way to the guard booth!  Yes a good day.  In short order it was my turn, with the typical questions by border guards, and I was so pumped to tell her about the WPFG!  I could not contain my enthusiasm and filled her in on as much as I could about the games, I could tell she was interested too, so I gave her advice on how to follow my blog.  She was thorough, friendly and hopefully we will have another future WPFG competitor!  I was on my way in the USA, and the road was just as rewarding as the 401!  Light traffic, even through more construction zones, and no drama.

I decided to stop in Cicero just north of Syracuse, New York, seemed like a nice little town, and I was able to find a place to stay despite most of the area hotels being completely booked for some college event.  I unpacked, had a quick shower to cool off, and then went for a little walk about to explore what Cicero had to offer.  I walked for around 2 hours, and thoroughly enjoyed the area, even found a plane parked near a church!  It was nice to stretch my legs but I was getting hungry so the Subway in a nearby Walmart wispered “Buffalo Chicken Sub” and I was in a zombie like trance…hhhhmmmmm Subway!  LOL

I walked for a while longer and then decided to head back to my room.  So now I will work on the bike for a bit, relax and chat with my lovely wife…the end to a perfect day!


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