Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 22, 2011

Day 5 – WPFG Adventure – Preparing for the last leg of the journey!

The rain and heavy thunderstorms have let up, the sun is high and bright in the sky, and I am well rested!  It was nice to have a quick pit stop at my parents place, and enjoy some quality family time.  With everyone spread out it is rare to have all of my family members in one place at one time, but it happened without any planning, what a gift!

Today I have been planning the next leg of my journey, plotting courses on the GPS, giving the motorcycle one final check over and doing laundry from the past 4 days.  Not an exciting day, but I have had time to get super excited about the WPFGs!  The weather for the ride down looks OK, hopefully Mr Dark Cloud will leave me alone, but I am ready for him…oh yes, after the past few days of riding through storms, I am mentally prepared for whatever he throws at me weather wise.  Unless of course he conjures up a snow storm…LOL

I plan to ride through the Thousand Islands area at the east end of Lake Ontario to New York State and then trough the Catskills Mountains.  I have never been in that area so I will be adding another new experience to my life, and that is what makes it such an adventure.

I have been reading all of the messages on the WPFG connect site, and it is exciting to see all of the Athletes posting, it only adds to my excitement, and anticipation.  I am hoping to see some old friends and make some new ones, I am so fortunate to have this once in a lifetime opportunity!  More tomorrow from the road…


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