Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 21, 2011

Day 3&4 Wet Wet Wet to Oshawa

Oh my, I had a nice sleep in this morning!  I got up at around 6:45am had the complimentary continental breakfast, while reviewing my route, and watching the community TV.  It was quite busy in the hotel kitchen and there was no shortage of guests to take care of the food.  Everyone was super hungry, me included!  So I doddled until about 7:35am and then had a quick shower, packed up really, really slow, enjoy my snail’s pace, and how I had an easy days ride ahead.  Yes, that is what I was thinking, but as we all know there is a price to be paid for dragging your heals, and I was about to pay big time.

I looked outside and it was relatively dry, although Sault Ste. Marie appeared to be surrounded by dark foreboding clouds, no doubt sent by Mr Dark Cloud himself!  I loaded the bike and then headed east on Hwy 17 towards Orillia.  The road was busy with weekend travellers, but it was such a nice ride with no construction, and although I was heading for the dark clouds they seemed to be outrunning me.  I was staying dry…yeah right!

Once I approached Sudbury the rain began, nothing too heavy, but enough to wet the roads, forcing me to be ultra smooth with all inputs to control the motorcycle.  I took Hwy 69 south which appeared to be a relatively new divided 4 lane highway, making the riding pretty easy despite the wet pavement.  As I entered an older section of road, a green Mini Cooper blew a stop sign on an access road, pulling right out in front of me.  I did not even have time to hit the brakes and swerved hard to the left just missing the front of the car with a swoosh.  My heart was now effectively in my neck, and my eyeballs had left imprints on my visor…a very, very close call.  The driver of said Mini then caught up to me and proceeded to drive 3 feet off the back of my bike.  I pulled over to the side of the road to let him by, and so I could cool down.  As we drove for another 15 minutes or so I saw that the driver of the Mini was just a giant piece of dark matter driving in an aggressive manner to everyone, tailgating, dangerous passes etc.  I eventually lost sight of him.  To my surprise we came to an area of construction and there was mini man stuck in a long line of traffic, I put my bike on the side stand and walked up the passenger side.  It was quite satisfying to watch him flinch as I tapped on his window.  I explained to him with steely calm what he had done to me was unacceptable, and his driving was dangerous.  I also let him know that I now had his plate number and if I saw one more act of road aggression I was going to call the OPP.  Surprisingly he wet noodle and apologized, and when we left the construction zone he started driving like a normal human being.  I guess not a bad outcome for an extremely close call.

I continued on to the Muskoka area excited to drive through this area of lakes, islands and cottages, I had the camera ready.  It was just a light rain when I pulled in to fuel, and head onto Hwy 169 to Gravenhurst.  A Harley rider came over and we began to talk about riding, bike trips and such.  He suggested I ride with him for a bit and although I did not know him I figured what the heck it could not hurt to ride with someone else for a bit.  He talked about the huge thunderstorm and how it was going away from us, I thought that we would be riding right into it.  We left the gas station heading right into the heart of Mr Dark Cloud!  It was quite the ride, torrential downpour, thunderclaps, lightening, heavy traffic, and high winds…epic.  I thought it would let up, but oh no, this was no ordinary Dark Cloud, this one had a tracking system designed to follow me…rotten cloud.  LOL Eventually the Harley rider pulled off the road near a small restaurant, I pulled up beside him and he said he could not go any further.  I politely thanked him for the ride together, and then out back out into the monsoon.  The cloud followed me all the way to the Lake Scugog area, as did the heavy traffic…not very much fun, but surely an adventure.  I was thankful to pull onto my parent’s street in Oshawa, and there was my mom, sitting on the porch.  I stopped at a nearby stop sign and I saw her looking right at me, so I revved the bike a little then rode slowly up to the house and then into the driveway.  She was so surprised that I had shown up, a nice present for us all.  I then surprised my dad and all my siblings one by one as they dropped by to visit my parents.  It was awesome!  So a couple of days rest, then off to NYC for the last leg of my trip before the WPFG!

Oh and Mr Dark Cloud and his buddies keep coming by to pummel H2o on us… in all seriousness there have been some very impressive displays of natures power.  Life is an adventure, and I love it!


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