Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 18, 2011

Day 1 WPFG Adventure – Saskatoon to Kenora!

Well I awakened at about 3:45am due to pain in both hands, so I decided to get ready to leave.  A nice cuppa, some breakfast (courtesy of Ms Rae, she is so cute) a hot shower, and I was ready to go!  I waited util it started to get light out (no sun this morning) and noticed some pretty dark rain clouds coming in from the west.  So I jumped into hurry up mode, loaded the BMW, and with a kiss from my amazing wife I was off into the chilly 12 degree morning.  I had about 14 km of gravel road to traverse to get to the highway so I took my time, not wanting to bin it before the trip even got started.

I reached highway 16 and began my eastward trek, complete with entertainment from the Potash miners (there are 3 potash mines in close proximity to the highway) as they did their best gumball rally imitation, passing on the shoulders, double solids, it was really quite something to witness.  I guess they were all excited to get to work…LOL

I manged to outrun the rain, and eventually the sun came out just before the Manitoba boarder.  The ride was really quiet with not much traffic and nice scenery, which was surprising as I had expected nothing but flat prairie.  What I got to see was gently rolling hills, lots of forested areas, sweeping corners (especially on highway 45) and a few critters.  Just me, a musk rat and a fox, yep we had a great morning on the roads.

Once I reach Portage la Prairie then I got to see those long  flat straight stretches of road, a little boring, but the cruise control (rubber C.A.T. o-ring) worked amazingly well, saving me from too much discomfort.  I decided not to take the GPS’s advice and I took the ring road well away from Winnipeg.  I am still amazed that it tries to mess me up, or maybe Mr Murphy has found his way inside my little direction giving mini TV, hard to ignore the female Australian voice!  LOL

I continued on to the western edge of Ontario where the Scenery changed from prairie to heavily forested areas, and then lakes everywhere.  As I was approaching Kenora, I could feel the pain in both hands starting to creep in, so I called it a day, and pulled into a reasonably priced hotel in the small lake front town.  Kenora is quite stunning, and I have put it on my list of places to come and spend some more quality time,yes it is that nice.

I unpacked, showered and then did a walkabout town.  It was nice to stretch my legs and explore a new area!  I felt very different though not having Rae with me, it was just not the same.  I had a quick bite to eat at the local Subway, and then slowly walked back to the room absorbing the ambiance of this northern Ontario town.  I am sure it is going to be an early morning, so hopefully I can get to sleep early!  Tomorrow I follow the north shore of Lake Superior!


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