Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 15, 2011

August 12-15 – Prep and Pack, Prep and Pack, repeat… =)

So it has been a very busy 4 days, more work than anything, but the reward is less problems while on the road!  Time spent on recce is time saved on operation, yes I still have a little army left in me.  LOL

So I sorted out my accommodations in NYC for the games, and I am still ironing out all of the other details in preparation for the 2 events I am competing in, Police Action Pistol and Police Practical Combat.  Because the WPFG has over 15,000 athletes, security is an issue, so I will leave out many details for that reason alone.  Not to mention it would probably be boring to read! =D

I also began gathering items for the trip and putting them in the spare room, and purchased oil, grease,  oil filter, and assorted small items to prepare the BMW for the trip.  It was very hard for an old army/copper fellow to pack light, so lots of time was spent contemplating the usefulness of items.   In other words basically staring at things like underwear for extended periods of time, sipping liquid refreshments, and thinking some more.  Not very efficient, but I was able to pack much lighter than last year!  My back loves me again.

Today I decided to tackle the oil changes for the transmission and final drive, both relatively easy…yeah right.  For those who know me, Mr Murphy pays me regular visits, and that guy brings this ole dark cloud with him, geez.  In any event, I got right down to it, put a funnel under transmission drain bolt -check, drain pan under funnel -check, loosen transmission drain bolt -check, remove bolt while holding funnel -check, draining oil onto the floor (dang flex funnel) = fail!  LOL  So I spent a little time cleaning and polishing the garage floor, and then refilled the transmission, adding around 40% lucas oil supplement.  The BMW seems to love it, shifts smoother, and no noticeable wear.

Next I pulled off the rear wheel, which was extremely easy, thanks BMW engineers!  I took off the rear brake caliper, speed sensor, and drain bolt with no spill, but it took forever to drain out.  The good part is the oil appeared just as clean as when I put it in over 10,000km ago!  Thanks to a Lucas Oil and full synthetic gear oil mix…things were going well.  So I put the drain bolt back in, mixed up a new batch of Lucas Oil/gear oil and using a container specifically for this task I started to slowly squeeze the container forcing the slippery ooze into the final drive.  Almost simaltaneously the rubber tube came off the container, which decided to fail near the neck (cheap plastic) and spill oil all over the floor…again!  So the next 2 hours were spent looking for a replacement container that would work without spilling or breaking.  I finally got that done, and prepared to grease the drive shaft splines with some nice sticky red grease.  I was just about to put a big blob of grease into the splines when a pesky little mosquito decided he would avoid the “Off” which had been liberally sprayed all over me with the exception of my eyelids.  Yes, that little bug had teamed up with Mr Murphy, who directed him to land on my eyelid, and what did I do, swat the mosquito of course…with a greasy hand!  Argh!  So another 30 minutes spent cleaning up and changing clothes, and I was back in business!  I put everything back together, torqued all the bolts, and then charged the battery to make sure it was at 100% for the trip.

I think a glass of Merlot, a roaring bonfire and a night of star gazing is in order…unless Mr Murphy messes that up too!  =D

***UPDATE*** Well that dang Mr Murphy and his dark cloud rained on my parade…big time!


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