Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 21, 2010

Saskatoon, the end of one adventure and the beginning of another…September 14 or Day 149

We were both up early, ate and began packing the motorcycles, which was a signal for the rain to start…aaarrrrggghhhh!  At least the wind was not howling, and we did have good gear to keep us warm and dry.

We headed north on highway 2 in pouring rain, which seemed appropriate as the initial month of this adventure was filled with rain days.  The plus side of riding in the rain, is the fact that it forces you to be perfectly smooth with the controls, and ultimately makes you a better rider.  The rain stayed with us for 2 hours, and let up about 40 minutes from Saskatoon, which was actually sunny with the odd cloud in the area.   The sun provided me with added excitement, as the last portion of our drive to our house (Rae’s brother/family currently live there awaiting the completion of their own home), 7 kilometers of gravel beckoned our arrival.  I wanted to test my improved skills on this stretch which I had not seen in 148 days.

The turn to our house is just north of Clavet, SK, and the road looked pretty easy.  But, with me, you had to know there would be no easy ending.  We got about 500 meters in and the road went from easy to extremely difficult.  It had been graded with deep gravel, which was like driving on stacks of marbles.  Both Rae and I struggled as the motorcycles weaved heavily back and forth, a product of the front tire plowing through the gravel despite staying on the throttle.  We slowed to between 70-80 kilometers per hour, which seemed to be a good balance of control for us, any slower and the motorcycles had a natural tendency to want to tip over, and any faster the weave would become uncontrollable.  The last thing I wanted was to crash in the last few kilometers of our trip!!!

We pulled into the acreage approach and we were greeted by Kim and his lovely wife Myrna.  Our trip was officially over.  =(  We took a couple of pictures, both Rae and I were happy/sad at the same time, if such a thing is even possible.  It took everything in me not get emotional, this adventure had struck such a deep chord of insight for me, and helped change me in a very positive way.

We unpacked the motorcycles and parked them in the shop.  It was a weird feeling for me walking away from them.  We both freshened up and Rae immediately drove me to Saskatoon University Hospital to determine what is going on with my shoulder.  Rae was going to hang out with me, but I asked her just to drop me off as I knew it was going to be a very long night.

7 hours later I had x-rays, two cortisone injections, and a prescription in hand for several different types of medication to try to help my shoulder.  The doctor said that it was likely bersitus and arthritis and perhaps other injuries that he would not be able to fix.  He suggested a family doctor, and the process to get long-term care for my shoulder.  In the short-term, the medication and cortisone should help.

Rae picked me up and we made the mistake of going straight to the acreage instead of picking up the prescription.  Shortly after arriving home the freezing the doctor had used on my shoulder had begun to wear off, and before long my shoulder was on FIRE!!!  No sleep for me, but at least I got to hang out on the brother in-laws leather sofa!  Not the best end to our last day, but an interesting start to a new adventure!!!  =D

I will update shortly with some additional details regarding our trip…video coming soon I hope.




  1. Congratulations! You two made it home alive!

    Thanks for taking us along for the ride via this blog!

  2. What an amazing adventure! stories to tell for many years to come, glad you both got back in one piece now onto the next adventure.

    remember if your back over this way, you always have a place to stay at ours.
    take care

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