Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 21, 2010

Moose Jaw Spa, tunnels and gambling…September 13 or Day 148

It was so nice to sleep in!  Rae got up a little earlier than me and surprised me with wraps/coffee from Tim Hortons, she is such a sweetheart!!!

We decided to start the day with a dip in the mineral spa, which was pretty much deserted…we almost had the entire place to ourselves, and not only took in the waters, but tried out the steam room!   What a heat wave!  It was so humid in there that it was difficult to breathe, and before long we were both dripping with sweat.  Yuck.  We jumped back into the mineral spa and before we knew it 2 hours had passed by, and we had a slight raisin look to our skin.  It was awesome.  =D

We had a little session at the casino, sticking to preset limits ($20 each) and had a great deal of fun.  We did not want to linger around, and decided to go and tour the “Tunnels of Moose Jaw”, which has two separate tours.  One is dedicated to the underground business of bootlegging during the 1920’s, and the associations to US mobster Al Capone.  The other tour is dedicated to the underground employment of Chinese workers, the different services they provided, and the extremely poor living conditions.  We chose the latter.  The tour was amazing, entertaining and educational, and it was so weird being underground with vehicles ripping along the streets only metres above.

This was our last night on the road and we celebrated with dinner, and some wine.  The reality of our last night began to sink in.  Tomorrow we would reach Saskatoon, and begin our transition back to reality.  I looked at Rae and I could not help but feel immense love and admiration for her.  She supported me throughout this adventure, spent hours trying to understand “my issues” accumulated through years of military and police work, and she overcame significant fears (despite 2 crashes) to ride extremely well over 5 months.   To say she is inspirational would be a huge understatement, she ROCKS!!!!  (Thanks Punkin, I think you are pretty amazing yourself!)

It was with this mindset that I spent time with Rae on our last night, loving her and the gifts that this adventure has given us both.  Even though I was still sore, I was glowing and actually went to sleep fairly quickly.

Tomorrow, Saskatoon…  =D



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