Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 20, 2010

Moose Jaw Temple Garden Spa…September 12 or Day 147

We got up very early this morning, it was going to be a long day’s ride so might as well gidee up!  Our route was straight up highway 85 to Canada, then once across the border, follow highway 35 to Moose Jaw.  Not very scenic, but definitely the quickest route.

We had a quick bite to eat, packed the motorcycles and hit the road, which was fairly deserted.  Thank goodness for Sundays!  The wind was strong out of the north west, which was not too bad, as we were almost going directly into it.  Again, thank goodness!

I had adjusted the suspension on my bike to it`s off road settings (electronically) so I could enjoy a more comfortable ride and perhaps give my shoulder a rest during the ride.  As it turned out the changes I made helped immensely, especially considering that we ran into several stretches of rough road, and then a stretch that had no pavement, deep ruts, mud, gravel, and rock…  =)

The last 35 miles of highway to the Canadian border were deserted, literally, no vehicles, not much scenery, and very few buildings of any kind.  It made me wonder if there would be anyone even manning the border stations.  Oh was I wrong!  We arrived at the border and clearly we must have been the only people there, other than the guards, which means they need “stats” for the day.  I hate being a stat…so it was open the bags, etc.  The guard was pretty cool though and only held us up for about 20 minutes or so, which was good considering some of the past crossings we had. (Rae here…my boarder guard was totally cool.  He chatted with me about the trip, asked me the normal questions and sent me on.  I had to laugh when I saw Ray getting the grill and then having his bags opened and gone through.  LOL.  If it was going to happen, you had to know that it would happen to Ray!)

There was not much between the border and Moose Jaw, which was OK.  I just wanted to get off the road, and after 5 hours of riding (normally easy) my shoulder was screaming nasty things at me.  We had no problem finding the spa, checked in and unpacked the bikes.  Within minutes I was lounging in the spa with Rae, enjoying the therapeutic minerals of the water!  Aaaaahhhh!

The spa was actually quite large with a huge inside and outdoor pool area.  The outside water is significantly warmer, with steam coming off the water!  The water comes from a natural spa approximately 1 kilometer from the hotel, and actually cools from 46 degrees, to reasonable levels prior to enter the spa pool area.  It reminded me of Baden Baden baths somewhat, as there were people from all over the world, who had come to small town Saskatchewan to take in the waters of the spa, very very cool.

I contacted an old military police friend of mine, Ted, who we met, along with his lovely wife at the local Tim Hortons.  We chatted for quite some time, and I really wanted to hang out with them for the rest of the night, but my shoulder would have none of it…dag nab it!   They gave us a ride back to the hotel, and we decided to have another quick spa before it closed at 11:00pm.  Although it was only a short dip, it really helped my shoulder, and once we got back to the room, it was nighty night…  =)

Tomorrow we will explore the tunnels of Moose Jaw…



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