Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 17, 2010

Dickinson through the windy plains…September 11 or Day 146

Lest we forget…9/11 =(   Rae and I started the day fairly early.  I am still struggling to sleep, and it is keeping Rae up as well.  We packed up the motorcycles and I went in to thank Denver (the wonderful clerk who got us the jacuzzi suite) and chatted with her about our adventure.  The one thing I have experienced on this trip are many, many wonderful people who have shown me such kindness, that it has helped heal my heart.  What a gift.

As I was getting on the motorcycle I noticed that the wind was fairly brisk, coming out of the northwest, not a good sign for us as our route today was almost straight north.  Sure enough as soon as we got onto the highway northbound, the wind began to pound us relentlessly.  Rae and I were leaned over as if in a corner…aarrrgggghhh!

There was not much to see other than farm fields, and the odd deer, and even traffic was sparse.  It was not long before the wind had caused my left shoulder to be the worst it has been on this trip.  There was other places and friends I wanted to see, but I needed to get back home to get the shoulder fixed.

We managed to find a place to stay in Dickinson, ND so I could rest my shoulder.  Fortunately it had a hot tub, and that was exactly where I went once we had unpacked the bikes!  I was so happy…funny how a little thing like hot water can make you feel giddy!

We walked around the area, and found a shopping mall.  To my dismay, there were a significant number of shops that were out of business.  It made me acutely aware that lots of people are suffering in Canada and the USA, and that I need to be grateful for every moment I have had on this adventure.

After walking around we headed back to the hotel, had another quick hot tub, then I watched several special programs on 9/11.  Although it mad me sad, it was important to watch and remember.  I took some medication and tried to get comfortable for hopefully a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow we head to Moose Jaw, SK, to stay a couple of nights at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa…I am hoping the threatening rain clouds hold off!



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