Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 9, 2010

Wall Drug, you have got to see it to believe it!…September 7 or Day 142

The sun came up and we were ready for it today.  I (Rae) was so excited to get going, as today was “Wall Drug” day.  This store was started in 1931 and really got rolling by offering free ice water to thirsty travelers.  Now it’s HUGE and known world-wide.  What’s cool is that it still offers free ice water and even coffee for 5 cents!  The store itself has grown from being a small drug store, serving the 360 town residents to a massive thing offering everything from ice cream to cowboy boots to art.  I had been there with my family when I was little, but I wanted to see it again, I guess I still have a little child hiding within me!

We hit the trail, deciding to take the I-90 to make time as we had a lot of miles to eat.  I should mention that the day started with breakfast and meeting a really nice guy named Ian.  He was riding a 2008 BMW R1200GS (not the adventure model) that looked in beautiful condition.  He was on his way around the USA and hoping to end up in Mexico.  We chatted for a bit about his gear and the like.  We both left separately, as Ray and I wanted to check out the ‘Corn Palace’ while Ian had been there yesterday in the rain.  He didn’t want to go back (LOL), but we had to see what all the bill boards along the road were all about.  What’s funny is that we actually met up with him later and much further down the road when we fueled up – completely by happen stance.

After we checked out the Corn Palace and fueled up (where we saw a daredevil that jumps for Jesus – you read that right), we hit the interstate.  The wind kicked up and the ride was BRUTAL.  Oh man!  My bike just gets batted around by that wind and the muscles between my shoulder blades were screaming by the time we hit the town of Wall.

The closer we got to Wall, we saw more and more bill boards advertising Wall Drug, and I swear that Wall Drug has bill boards at least 100 miles out and as you get closer they are everywhere!  It’s hysterical, but it does get people like me all excited to go there!

Finally we reached Exit 110 and we turned into the town of Wall and found the Wall Drug Cafe, parked our bikes and headed in to explore.  We ended up having a nice lunch and wandering around taking pictures.  This place is really something.  It’s hard to explain it, but suffice it to say that if you go, you will have some laughs, spend some money but be happy that you fell into the tourist trap that it is.  Trust me!

When Ray finally dragged me from Wall Drug we continued on to Rapid City where we found lodging for the night.  We are going to stay for 2 nights and use this as our ‘base of operation’, allowing us to head out to see the sights but come back to a central location.  It’s good and the wine that we are having to end our night isn’t bad either.  =o)  We’ll see what happens tomorrow when we explore the badlands.



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