Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 9, 2010

The good about the Badlands…September 8 or Day 143

Whew!  Today was a good day!  We got up, had a little breakfast and headed out to ride the Badlands.  As we got our bikes prepped, we were visited by the fastest chipmunk I’ve ever seen.  That little thing flew around the corner, paused, flew up to us (looking for food?), paused, then flew down the sidewalk.  He was totally on fast forward!  So cute!  At least for the few moments I saw him.  LOL.

Ray took us down some secondary highways, to avoid the interstate, which made ride to the Badlands really nice.  The only downside was the wind was up and howling  during the entire ride, and although we’ve gotten rather used to the constant wind, it still becomes tiring after a bit.

We got to the Badlands around 11:30 or so (maybe earlier) and made our way around admiring the fantastic geography which would not look out of place in a science fiction movie.  The roads throughout the Badlands are fun, quite twisty, but the traffic keeps you slow.  I was totally okay with that, as I was like a bobble head with the way my head swiveled to look around.

On the way out of the park, we rode past a HUGE gopher/groundhog community.  They were all hanging out, looking at the tourists looking at them.  Really, it was rather funny!

We grabbed a bite of lunch at Wall, then headed towards Ellsworth Air Force Base.  When I was a kid, we actually went onto the base and got to see all sort of things, however post 9/11 such ventures are no longer allowed.  I got to see the gate where I had my picture taken when I was a kid, which was really cool but at the same time I was sad as it was being dismantled.  That was a real bummer. However!  The Air/Space Museum that they have at the entrance to the Base was really interesting with the various planes used in actual battles, as well as bombs, missiles, etc.  Ray and I had a great time exploring and reading about these cool items.  I must say that some of these planes are HUGE.  I had no idea, and what you see on TV doesn’t give a person proper perspective.  Trust me on that!

Eventually we made it back to our hotel and celebrated being out of the afternoon heat (it was up to 30 degrees Celsius today – the day started around 17).  Tomorrow we’ll check out Mt. Rushmore and the partially completed mountain carving of Crazy Horse.  It should be interesting.




  1. OK, I just have to stop reading your blog because I’m so stinkin’ jealous. I’ll be even more jealous when I get my Ducati!!!!!

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