Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 7, 2010

Mitchell, South Dakota…September 6 or Day 141

WOW, I will say it again…WOW!  I had an incredible nights sleep!!!  Small things can indeed make me happy, and I really felt so good after being able to sleep the entire night.  Yay!

Rae ran out and grabbed a couple of breakfast wraps and coffees for us, while I lingered around the room still happy as heck to have had a good nights sleep.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then packed up the motorcycles, making note of the heavy winds while watching the dark foreboding clouds to the west.  I was hoping for an easy day…

We headed west and shockingly enough the wind was coming out of the southeast, actually helping us along and not causing our bikes to move around dangerously.  Yay again!

Although the clouds were dark all around us, the timing of our ride was just right, allowing us to ride between storms.  Watching the clouds literally screaming across the sky, I knew it was only a matter of time before the rain caught us.  Fortunately we had already put over 300 kilometers on the odometer when the first rain drops christened our days ride, and with good gear we were not too concerned.

Rae and I rode in the rain, when suddenly there was a huge wind shift, and now we had an extremely strong wind coming out of the northwest, plus steady rain.  Time to call it a day, and lucky for us we were close to Mitchell, South Dakota.  We found a place to stay and both of us decided to warm up in the hot tub…nice way to end a ride!

We did our usual walk about, despite the wind and rain…yes we have some missing cards from our deck!  We had a bite to eat, and then ventured over to “Cabela’s” which is similar to Bass Pro Shops, giving us hours of entertainment!  LOL

We discovered that there is supposed to be a “Corn Palace” in Mitchell, so tomorrow we will have to find it before we head west…I have never seen a Corn Palace, so it should be very cool!



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