Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 5, 2010

Austin, Minnesota…September 4 or Day 139

The day started with a little look out the window hoping that the wind had subsided, thankfully it had diminished somewhat!  Rae and I were so excited we jumped at the chance to be on the road early and take in more scenery along the Mississippi.

Once the motorcycles were packed up, we crossed the Mississippi and began to follow the shoreline north.  The road was awesome, following a clearly defined cliff which obviously was part of the Mississippi a very long time ago.  The road was also in good shape with lots of curves and not a great deal of traffic, which was so much fun!  We stopped at several locations to take some pictures of the mighty Mississippi, Rae taking in the sights with a telescope that was available at one of our stops.  I had to take pictures of her scoping out the area!

We continued north to highway 16 where we turned west and followed another winding, lightly traveled road.  Both Rae and I were so happy!   I guess we were happier than normal, knowing that there would be some very looonnnnngggg straight stretches to come.  Oh well, must take the good with the bad at times!

We eventually made it to Austin, Minnesota.  Surprisingly I was not too sore, perhaps it was the curves I was missing!  Regardless I decided to hot tub right away to prevent any stiffness from creeping into my shoulder.

We went for a walk to explore the area and heard police/ambulance sirens, which took me right back to a work mindset.  Shortly thereafter, Rae and I located a very serious motor vehicle accident, involving at least 5 vehicles at a major intersection.  One person had to be cut out of their car and according to one guy who was involved in the accident, the guy who got cut out must have had a heart attack as he was out of control and his engine was still revving when they got to him.  He said he told the guy to cut his engine but he just looked at him with no recognition.  The news gal that was on scene filming told me that this particular intersection is notorious for accidents.  Yikes.

We eventually got some snacks and pop, then walked back to our room.  We spent the rest of the evening hanging out and watching AMA racing on Speed.  It’s been a good, restful evening.  Tomorrow is supposed to be chilly again…I guess fall is coming in.  Too bad.




  1. You 2 aren’t to far away. More than welcome to stop on by??

  2. Well Ray & Rae, I am glad your safe so far as I am reading… Like the pics at the Mississippi River

    I am going to start the next day.. Going out with your mother & father for dinner tonight ( Sept 9).. its the Big Boys Birthday today ( harold) .

    Ok going to read on .. Will check in later..

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