Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 4, 2010

Ottawa, Illinois that is…September 1 or Day 136

Rae had to wake me up today, and to be honest I did NOT want to get out of bed.  I was so sore and tired, not a good combination at the start of the day!  LOL

We decided that we will have to cut the trip short due to this injury to my shoulder.  It made me pretty sad as we will have to cut Chicago and Yellowstone out of our trip.  Despite sending over 90 pounds of gear home, I am still struggling to lift anything heavy and the pain while riding is progressively getting worse.  Not a good thing for a long trip like this.

Rae and I chatted about where to go and decided just to head west and see where we end up, much like many days during this adventure, it perked me up that we would be going someplace we had never been before.

The ride was very pleasant and even the interstate highway was not too bad through the Chicago area.  We avoided most of the toll roads and then continued west on Interstate 80 and ended up stopping in Ottawa, Illinois!  Kind of cool stopping in some place that has the same name as your home nations capitol!!!

I was completely exhausted, and so sore that even the hot tub did not help make me feel better.  I decided to just rest and see if that would help.  Rae went to a nearby WalMart and picked up some pop and food, and it turned into a very quiet night for us.

Tomorrow we will follow the Mississippi north and see what adventure it has for us!!!  =D



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