Posted by: mckenzie68 | September 1, 2010

Total sick day…August 30 or Day 134

Today was a complete write off.  I woke up still not feeling well and Ray decided it was best for us to take the time off to recuperate before we headed back on the road.  Honestly, I’m quite a lucky woman based on how Ray took care of me over yesterday and today.  He’s a superstar!

Now today, at the end of the day, I can tell you that I’m feeling much better – no fever but HUGE hives.  Ray thinks they have been caused as a reaction to the fever.  I don’t know what caused them, but if I could find a cactus right now, it and I would have a real ‘get to know you’ kinda session!  Oh man!  Am I itchy!  LOL.  Oh well.  I know tomorrow will be better, I just have to wait it out.




  1. Rae, good to hear you are feeling, well, somewhat better!

  2. Oiy vay! Enough is enough! Get better, girl!

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