Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 29, 2010

MotoGP Qualifying…August 28 or Day 132

We slept in slightly which in my case was good as I have not had too many good sleeps lately.  We ate and then headed right to the Indianapolis Speedway for the MotoGP qualifying sessions.

There were even more motorcycles on the road heading to the track today and once we arrived it was the same efficient ushering and parking process for us.  We were on the track in no time and after watching most of the sessions from the southwest vista grandstand we headed off to the “Ducati Island” to find Ducati Guy (he believes he is Ducati God, sorry Tim) and his lovely wife Sharon.  We were going to sneak up on them and surprise them, but Sharon saw us first…Tim stood out with his Canada flag cape, so we could have ambushed him easily oh well! LOL

We watched the Ducati fashion show, which was very entertaining and I have to admit I did like some of the clothes and gear.  =D

We headed back to the southwest vista grand stands and enjoyed chatting with Tim and Sharon about racing, our adventure and life in general.  It was a great deal of fun, and combined with watching the MotoGP racers pushing hard for grid positions the afternoon was outstanding.  In the end it was American Ben Spies who took pole position, with several of the regular fast guys only fractions of a second behind.   It is going to be an amazing and close race tomorrow!!!

We decided to head back to the hotel after the MotoGP qualifying session to beat some of the traffic, which turned out to be a great idea.  We had also made plans to link up with Tim and Sharon later in the evening on the Meridian Mile.

Once we reached the hotel we had a quick hot tub and then got ready for the night.  Rae made the suggestion that we take a cab downtown so we could have some drinks, most probably some wine.  We ordered a cab, and it was almost an hour before one showed up.  The weekends events, including the MotoGP had increased cab wait times, so we had a glass of wine while we waited.  We had a great conversation with a wonderful couple about our trip and they offered us a place to stay if we ended up near their town during our travels, that is what has made this adventure amazing…good people.   We had to cut our conversation short when the cab finally showed up, and I am sure if we had stayed we would have chatted for hours.

The ride downtown was one of the scariest rides I have ever had.  We made the mistake of telling the driver we were in a hurry, and he pulled out all the stops, driving like an absolute maniac, driving at high speed, cutting people off, hard acceleration and braking.  I was so glad when he got close to the downtown area, because I asked him just to stop and let us out, we walked the rest of the way to the Meridian Mile, happy just to have survived the ride.

We caught up with Tim and Sharon and went out for diner at a local wing restaurant.   The diner was hugely entertaining with our waiter “Mat” with one “t” giving advice on the food.  Of course he likes spicy food but did not mention that one of the dishes he recommended was a little warm, or more truthfully very spicy.  Poor Tim struggled to cool his insides after eating some spicy wings, and left them to us to finish them off, which we did.  When he told Mat about how spicy the wings were, Mat smiled wryly and said they were not “that spicy”.  It could have got ugly but humor helped defuse the situation and it was clear that Mat had a different view on a great many things, including the level of spice in the food he was serving.  We paid our bill and headed out onto the mile for more entertainment!

We were not disappointed, there was no shortage of people who were out to show off, and we walked as much as we could to see as much as we could.  We were all pretty tired and by 1000pm it was time to call it a night, we said goodbye to Tim and Sharon, and took a cab back to our hotel.  This time we got a cab driver who did an outstanding job in taking the most efficient route and was a safe driver…thank god!

When we got to the hotel Rae was clearly very sick, and had what appeared to be a fever.  She is a tough one, and after taking a Tylenol she went to bed.  I was pretty worried about her, but she seemed to go to sleep right away.   Whew what a day!



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