Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 27, 2010

WOW! What a first day at Indy…August 26 or Day 130

We awakened to a nice clear blue sky, and reasonable temperatures.  What a nice way to start the day!  We took our time packing up as we did not want to reach Indianapolis during rush hour.  Nice to start the day slow for once.

We hit the road about 1015 hours, and the ride was almost uneventful…we did have a middle-aged lady in a light brown Buick talking on her cell phone driving all over the road.  Not only did she almost hit us, but she would speed up, slow down, drift into other lanes, etc.   She also managed to accumulate a very long line of traffic behind her, and was dangerously oblivious to her actions.  We watched in horror as this mobile time bomb had close call after close call, not ever noticing her impact upon other road users.  We eventually passed her as we did not want to be a part of any collisions she might cause.  We made it to Indianapolis without any other encounters.

We decided to head straight to the track,  to pick up tickets to the Moto GP.  My GPS took Rae and I downtown for some reason, and we ended up right at the Memorial Round About.  As luck would have it, it was the sight of the MotoGP opening ceremony!  We actually had a Indianapolis Police Sergeant come over to us as we were sitting in traffic, explained what was going on, and helped us find a parking spot within meters of the podium.  We locked up our gear and walked to the podium area and sure enough there was Ben Spies, Kevin Schwantz and Roger Lee Hayden!  I managed to get my picture taken with Ben before a Indiana State Police Officer cleared the area for the ceremony.  There were TV cameras and reporters everywhere, and a fairly large crowd, with Rae and I right at the front!  Yay Us!

Once the ceremony was over, we headed to the Indianapolis Speedway.  I spoke with one of the staff at length about the track, best viewing areas, paddock passes, and parking.  She was amazing with succinct, accurate information, and was very friendly during the entire conversation.  She even asked where I was staying and offered route suggestions.  Now that, my friends, is service!  I settled on 3 day General passes for Rae and I, and we will be parking our bikes at the complimentary area on the east straightaway of the track.  Once I had the tickets, we took some pictures with us in front of the speedway gate.

We headed off into the mid-day traffic and found our hotel with no difficulty. When I walked in, I was immediately impressed.  This was a very nice hotel, for not a bunch of money.  I was even more impressed when the clerk (Cierra) checked me in within moments, gave me two complimentary drink cards (3 drinks per night) for the nightly “5:30 kickback” which is basically free food and some free drinks.  I must say, that she was really fantastic and from the experiences we’ve had over the last few months, she was over and above in the service department.  Oh yeah!  We also get free breakfast in the morning, and could park our motorcycles underneath the awning if we desired…WOW!  I was on cloud 9.

We unpacked the motorcycles and headed up to our room.  I was still very sore so we headed right to the hot tub.  The pool in this place is pretty cool too.  It actually is half in and half outside, separated by a glass wall.  Rae had fun swimming back and forth before coming to the hot tub.  LOL.  I was all about the hot tub, I needed to relax.

We returned to the room, changed and headed out to explore the area.  It seem to have a wide variety of shops and a large mall 3/4 of a mile away.  Well worth the walk.  We had a bite to eat and then meandered back to our hotel to sort out details for tomorrows day at the track.   If today is any indication of things to come, it is going to be unbelievably amazing!




  1. What?! No mention of us?! Hey, are we eating tonight or just oogling bikes? Tim & Sharon Janzen

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