Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 26, 2010

The road to Indy paved in feathers!…August 25 or Day 129

Rae was up early and had to push me hard to get me up and off to breakfast, and following that she packed up and was completely ready to go while I was dragging my heels like the tired soul I was.  No sleep again last night, which is getting very old.

We packed the bikes and I decided that we would get off the Interstate highways as soon as possible taking less traveled secondary roads.  Once underway, we began winding our way southwest along some wonderfully scenic routes.  Although the land was relatively flat, there was lots to see with old homes, farms, and little towns which would not look out of place in movies from the 1930s.  It was also pleasant as there was little to no traffic which was so much fun, that is what motorcycling is all about, exploring…

Adventure always seems to find me and today it was in the form of my fine feather friends.  We were travelling along a secondary road that clearly does not get much traffic, because there was a huge flock of small birds all over the road.  It was an amazing sight and at the time I thought it was pretty cool, then I was wondering why they were not getting out of the way, then I was beeping my horn, then I was in the middle of feathered mayhem!  I ducked and was lucky not to take a tweeter right between the horns.  I could hear Rae laughing at my misfortune, at least I did not brake and crash, yes that is a good thing!  =D

We stopped to eat lunch in “Hicksville” Ohio, yes there is such a place and it seemed very nice.  Rae took some pictures, and we headed southwest to Fort Wayne.

We could not find a place to stay and then my GPS began to act up, so I used Rae’s for a while.  We ended up driving much longer and farther than we had intended, but we could not find a place to stay in Fort Wayne.  I know the interstate highways always have places to stay along the routes, so we headed towards Indianapolis until we found a nice little place in Gas City.

I was so tired and sore that once we had unpacked it was off to the hot tub to rest my aching bones.  After an extended dip in the hot tub, we both settled into the room for the night trying to catch up on the blog, pay bills, etc.



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