Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 26, 2010

Back to the USA…August 24 or Day 128

We got up early and were greeted by heavy cloud cover and that chance of rain, so Rae and I took our time getting ready.  We double checked the weather and it did not mention rain along our route from Toronto to Detroit.  Of course we know the weather on TV is always correct…right.

We ended up on the road by about 0930 hours despite both of us taking our time, and fortunately rush hour traffic had diminished.  There was still lots of vehicles on the 401 highway which was challenging but we still made good progress.  Once west of Toronto, it rain slightly, just enough to make the ride cold, but not enough to remain on the road for long.  Rae looked simply amazing in her new gear, and we could both communicate better for some reason, I am guessing the helmet has less wind noise than her last one.

Traffic dropped off significantly once we passed London, Ontario, and the rest of the ride was uneventful with the exception of drivers consistently driving behind us by only a few feet.  I guess they like our motorcycles so they just want to get closer, but it still causes anxiety due to the extreme danger it poses for us.

The scenery past London also looked more like the prairies only with more trees and vehicles, which I found surprising.   In other words not much to keep us entertained, the good part is the clouds started to clear off, giving us some much-needed warm sunshine!

We reached Windsor, Ontario and went to the Tunnel for our border crossing, except when we reached the entrance there was a sign excluding motorcycles from the tunnel, not only that a fellow came out running at full tilt, blowing a whistle like crazy.  He yelled at us that motorcycles were not allowed, to which I responded it would have been nice to have a sign, he quipped there is a sign right there, pointing to the one obviously right in front of us.  I tried to explain it would be information beneficial to know about prior to reaching the tunnel, and there was no signs banning motorcycles prior to us reaching the entrance.  This made whistle-blower very mad, and he told us to turn around, easier said than done with cars jammed right behind you, being operated by impatient people.  Nice.  That is all I have to say about that.

It took us a while to make our way to the bridge to the USA as there was construction everywhere, making any direct route impossible.  Once we arrived at the bridge and the border we were both a little frazzled and were worried that the border guards might see that in the wrong way.  This was the one time we needed someone to be nice to us, and that is just what we got.  A personable young man who asked all the questions, was very thorough, but clearly had a sense of humor, joking about my construction detours.  It was the perfect pressure release for us, a kind person with a sense of humor.  With a wave of his hand we were back in the USA, and heading southwest towards Indianapolis for the MotoGP race.

We were both pretty tired so once we left Detroit we looked for a place to stay and found a nice hotel in Woodhaven, MI.  Very quiet with only a few places to eat nearby.  We walked around and to our surprise found a great restaurant called Louie’s Family Dining and Coney Island.  It reminded us of the type of place you would see in a 50s movie, and the food was exceptional, both in taste and portion size!  We ate far too much and needed to walk to burn off some calories, so we set out to explore the area a little.

We found the old city hall, which looked like a really, really old home, so we took some pictures, looked inside the windows, thinking how scary it would be at night!  We took the long way back to the hotel, and settled in for the night.  I struggled though and medication did not seem to help bring sleep my way, so I was up until 0200 hours…now I am really tired!  Lets see what tomorrow brings!



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