Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 25, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain please go away…August 23 or Day 127

We were up at around 0900, packing up our motorcycles and taking over 90lbs of gear to the Greyhound Station to be mailed back home.  With my shoulder pain, we needed to lighten the load we carry on the motorcycles, I could not longer load and unload some of the gear without extreme pain.  I was sad because we were no longer able to camp…all of that gear was now gone, on it’s way home to Saskatoon.

My dad mentioned that it had been raining south of Oshawa, and I could see the super dark clouds coming.  We said our goodbyes, and headed off westbound.  The traffic was relatively light however we could not ignore the coming rain storm, which meant we had to make a choice, ride along the 401 in the rain or stop and get a hotel to wait out the storms.

We decided to avoid the rain and ended up off the road super early.  We made only a tiny dent in the kilometer department.  I was disappointed as we could have stayed another day with my family.

We had no sooner booked in, then the rain began to fall.  Hopefully it will clear off before tomorrow.  The good part is we are right off the 401 and will be able to make good time through the Toronto area.  I am not fond of the heavy traffic that normally creates havoc on this stretch of highway.

So not a good day, but we are heading west…slow but sure!



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