Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 25, 2010

My brother Carl in Little Britain…August 21-22 or Days 125-126

It was an extremely late awakening for us.  We were so tired, but a good tired due to good times with family.  Today we planned to go see my brother Carl and his wife, Leslie, at their home near Little Britain which is just north of Lake Scugog.

My mom again made us take the car as there was a heavy rainfall warning for southern Ontario, and I still had no water wings for the motorcycles.  4 wheels it was…mom knows best.

As we were preparing to leave, GP Bikes in Ajax called us to let us know that Rae’s helmet was in.  We decided to stop and pick it up on the way to Carl’s.  It has stitches just like Frankenbike, which is pretty cool, and it is significantly more aerodynamic than Rae’s past helmet.  We had it in our hot little hands less than 30 minutes after the notification, and Rae was excited to get such a cool new helmet.

We drove up to Carl’s again taking as many back roads as possible.  About an hour and a half later, we arrived at his acreage.  The rain had started to fall as soon as we arrived, although it was not the deluge that we were expecting. Carl and I immediately caught up on the latest family matters, and laughed about the past.  I could see the mischievous side of him coming out slowly – boy I missed that!   He took me for a tour of the area in his car, and then we went for a long walk into the woods on his property.  You see, he had a beaver problem.  Bad beavers had taken up residence on his property creating havoc.  They built a dam and a beaver lodge, both causing a severe backup of water from the creek and flooding adjacent farm land.  He had torn the thing down once, but the little beggars built it right back up the next night!  The beavers have now left and a neighbour had ripped the dam out again.  So far the beavesr have not come back.  I laughed at his story when he first told it to me, but after seeing the devastation they had caused, it is truly not a funny story.  Just the shear number of trees the beavers had chewed down was incredible.  In any event, were were soaked and headed back to his residence.  I enjoyed the walk and the peacefulness of it all.

By the time we got back, Carl’s lovely wife Leslie had prepared a feast fit for a king.  All Carl had to do was cook up some huge steaks to make it complete.  It did not take him long to get the steaks done to our liking, and soon we were eating, laughing and enjoying the amazing food.

Following diner we played several rousing games of “Euchre” which lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  Of course Carl and I were victorious in the game, but we lost out big time when it came to the verbal battle between the us and the girls.  We knew it was luck that allowed us to win, but it was hugely entertaining for us to maintain that it was our “skill” which brought us the wins.  Needless to say we were tired, and needed some well earned sleepy time, and I noted that there seems to be a common theme with Rae and I, we keep people up late!  LOL

We got up around 1000 the next day and Leslie had already prepared a birthday brunch for my dad and the rest of us.  The only thing missing was my mom and dad, they were late as Gerry had dropped over to visit.  It did not matter though we carried on like only brothers can, and had lots of laughs despite all of us being very tired.

My mom and dad arrived and shortly thereafter Leslie had another amazing feast on the table, including smoked salmon paired with ricotta cheese pancakes!  YUMMY!  Once we had finished the main course we brought out dads birthday cake, a chocolate covered cheesecake…it was amazing, not only because it tasted good, but because Leslie made it all in such a short period of time.  She should have her own cooking show!

After brunch we all retired to the living room and chatted like only family can.  Entertaining and informative, yes, that is what I will call it!

Eventually mom and dad left and we followed them.  To say I was sad to leave my brother is a huge understatement.  I miss him deeply, and leaving this time was extremely difficult for me.

Later that evening we took dad to Jack Astors for his birthday diner, and even managed to embarrass him slightly as I had arranged a little birthday song and cake with the staff.  If you know my dad, it is very hard to embarrass him, so it was a coup for me to get it done!  Tee hee.  He took it all in stride, though he was a slightly dark shade of red throughout the song!

We returned to my parents home and let them know we would be leaving the next day.  It was an extremely emotional night with conversation going on until almost 0200 hours in the morning!  I am truly sad that we had to leave, as Rae and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and time with my parents.  It was such a positive ending to our visit with family, what an awesome time we have had.

The road beckons us, and we are curious as to what adventures lie before us.  I am hoping that my shoulder can hold up for the rest of the trip…we shall see!



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