Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 24, 2010

Family, rain and the Blue Heron Casino…August 18-20 or Days 122-124

We decided to try and get some rest after the Niagara Falls adventure and stuck around the house doing laundry, and motorcycle maintenance.  Rae and I were both pretty tired from the late nights with family, and the odd day trip.  So it was a blessing to have some down time.

During the day we decided to visit my Aunt Dee, and her husband Jimmy who lived in nearby Whitby.  Jimmy has been following the blog and wanted to see the motorcycles in person, which gave us the perfect excuse to go for a little ride to test Rae’s bike and her new jacket.  The new helmet we had ordered had not arrived yet, so the Frankenbike ensemble was not complete, which was too bad.  It would have been nice to show it all to Aunt Dee and Jimmy.

The weather was perfect for the relatively short ride to their house and upon arrival we gave them the scoop on how we prepared each bike, repairs we had made, and other related details.  Frankenbike stole the show and Rae posed sitting on the beast in a picture with Aunt Dee.  It felt so nice to be with family that I had not seen in such a long time.

We retired to the house and chit chatted about our trip, the blog, Florida, bad drivers, and family matters…whew!  Jimmy and Aunt Dee were both on their game making jokes and poking fun at one another while telling amazingly funny stories.  Even the story about how they had met one another was funny as heck, probably more so due to the manner in which they told it…suffice to say we had a blast.  We had told my mom that we would be home before dark (yes that is a true statement LOL) however we both lost track of time, wanting to stay longer and missing the all important sunset.  We left around 10 pm and my mom was waiting for us when we got home.  I felt a slight twinge of day-javu from my youth as she jokingly scolded us both for being home late -she grounded us!  All was forgiven when we had some wine…yes it made things so much better…I mean is there anything that wine can’t help??  LOL.  Although we were not up to the wee hours of the morning, we did stay up late.  But in comparison to other nights, I have to admit being happy to head to bed early, both of us were tired, again!  LOL

We slept in very late, and when we got up we decided to drive to Ajax to check on the status of Rae’s helmet and then shop for a birthday present for my father.  There was a severe weather warning for the Durham area, but there did not seem to be much in the way of rain clouds, so we dismissed the warning thinking that it was probably in another area of Durham County.

We arrived at GP Bikes in Ajax and found out that Rae’s helmet had still not arrived, disappointed we browsed around the store ogling the Ducati and Triumph motorcycles.  Suddenly one of the employees goes running out back, and then someone yelled tornado.  Rae and I beetled out of there fast, camera in hand ready to catch the action.  LOL

We ran outside to the car, ready to rip out of the area if necessary.  Although we did not see a tornado, there was lots of rotation in the clouds at the front of what was clearly a severe storm.  I snapped some pictures and we jumped in the car just as the skies opened up!  WOW!  The rain was so heavy that even while stopped the windshield wipers could not move fast enough for us to see anything.  It was an awesome sight, and I was glad I was not on my motorcycle, we would have needed water wings just to get out of the lot!

Once the rain subsided, we headed to Whitby to shop for dad’s birthday present.  Best Buy and Future Shop seemed like good bets, and we were fortunate to find both a very short distance from one another right off highway 401 at Thickson Rd, nice!  We priced out a DVD/VCR combo, and the Planet Earth DVD set, the winner for our bucks was Future Shop, by over a $30 difference, yay us.

The drive home was quite entertaining as there were trees down, debris everywhere, and in places significant standing water, the storm had been a whooper!

It was another late night with my parents, sharing stories, laughing, crying at times, but without a doubt loving each moment together.  Yes we did stay up to 0100+…again!  =D

We got up a little late, and were greeted by Melissa, one of my brother Gerry’s daughters.  She had specifically come over to visit both Rae and I knowing that our time was limited in the Oshawa area.  We caught up on things and then went out to lunch to carry on with the conversation.  I found it interesting that Melissa was so genuinely interested in Rae and I, our trip, and our future plans.  We were never at a loss for words, and I felt a little sad that I had missed so much with my family by living so far away.  Melissa talked about having a family get together at some point in the future, and there is no doubt in my mind that she would be able to pull it off.  We had to cut our visit with her short as we had also made arrangements to return to my Uncle Harold’s to show him our motorcycles.  Time is absolute and I wish I had more time to spend at home with family before the snow flies.

We got our gear together, hopped on the motorcycles and waved goodbye to my parents and Melissa as we headed back north to Lake Scugog.  I planned a route that would take us there via secondary roads, and it was so much fun riding at a very slow pace.  We enjoyed the peace of little to no traffic, and the beauty of the rolling hills north of Oshawa.  We arrived at my Uncle’s home over an hour later and he immediately came out to greet us.  The weather was perfect, and we retired to the rear patio over-looking Lake Scugog.  We did not stay long and again I wish I had more of that precious commodity, I truly enjoyed spending time with my Uncle and his wife Glenna.

We packed up and headed back home as my mom had evening plans for Rae and I.  We took the same route home, and it was such a relaxing ride.  At that point, I wished that I could ride like that forever, riding brings that much peace into my life.

Once we arrived home, mom and dad took Rae and I to a local middle eastern eatery, the Pita Pit in north Oshawa.  The staff were unbelievably entertaining, friendly and giving.  We enjoyed samples of pretty much all of their offerings, and I decided on a chicken/Caesar wrap.  I watched as the one of the staff loaded sauce, chicken, and other ingredients which added up to one massive wrap.  I could literally smell the garlic oozing from inside it!  Rae had a large salad with falafels, hummus, pita pieces and dipping sauces.  We ate in silence, everyone was too focused on the plates in from of them…the food was soooooo good!

After our garlic fueled supper, we head up to the Blue Heron Casino near Port Perry, Ontario.  Rae and I were elated!  We laughed, enjoyed the sights, and the ride seemed like it only took a few minutes, much like fast forwarding a VHS tape.  It was that much fun.

The Blue Heron Casino is basically two large dome like structures with slots in one and all the other gambling table games in the other side.  Rae and I immediately settled into our routine of only gambling $20 and found slot machines that seemed like fun.  Everyone went their own way and almost 2 hours later I had won/lost and then won/lost, and then lost it all…huge fun though.  I watched my dad and mom winning and winning both going from $20 to well over $100 on two cent machines!  This went on for hours and eventually my dad lost it all but my mom quit with $150+ lining her pocket. She and Rae went to have a celebratory beer, while dad continued to chase the prize.  What an awesome time.

Eventually even dad tired and quit, keeping his $20 for another day and we left for the trip home.  It was pretty funny listening to mom poke fun at dad, because she had won more than him…it was a very entertaining ride home!

We did not get home until almost 0100 hours, so it was a quick glass of wine, some conversation and then bed.  As I closed my eyes, I was so grateful for such an amazing day with different members of my family.  I was for a few moments content, a very hard thing for me to obtain.



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