Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 23, 2010

Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake…August 16&17 or Days 120&121

I guess I am not used to late nights any more!  I need more sleep and today was no different, a very late awakening!  Tough to go to bed early when you love the people and conversations.

My mom had suggested we take her car for the trip to Niagara Falls, I really did not want to do that as it took away from the motorcycle aspect of the trip.  She outlined the heavy traffic and construction which permeate that area, and stated the obvious, it would not be a fun time if we rode our motorcycles.  I acquiesced and we packed up our gear for an overnight stay and loaded it into her car.

I did not need the GPS as I had been to Niagara Falls quite a few times, but I packed it anyway just in case.  I talked to Rae about the route and gave her the highway numbers to look for and shortly thereafter we were off.  The traffic along the 401 highway was actually not bad at all, and even on the 427 south, although there was more vehicles on the road.  We reached the QEW highway to Niagara Falls and we were not on it long before we hit a huge traffic jam.  It was stop and go traffic for kilometer after kilometer, and it was 28 degrees Celsius outside with a humid-ex in the mid 30s .  We had made the right choice in taking my mom’s advice, the traffic jam would NOT have been fun on a motorcycle, in fact it would have been dangerous.  I guess mom does know best!!!  LOL

We arrived in Niagara Falls a few hours later, and immediately found a hotel near the falls.  We checked in, parked the car, and then went on a walk about to explore the sights!

We walked along the Niagara gorge and enjoyed different views of the horseshoe and American falls.  The roar of millions of gallons cascading into the gorge was still impressive even though I had been to the falls many times, what an amazing sight.  The mist from the falling water clouded the air, cooling us down considerably in what would be an otherwise very hot and sunny day.  Typical of the area was people, lots and lots of people.  Neither Rae or I enjoy big crowds, so we took lots of pictures, and headed back to our room to drop off the DSLR Camera.  Time for some fun!

We walked the area and found a pretty cool casino and decided to play the slots, allotting ourselves $20 maximum each.  We found some machines we enjoyed, and won/lost money for just shy on 5 hours!  Yes we laughed, hooted and had fun hoping for the big win for almost 5 hours on $20 each, it was so much fun.  Eventually we did lose our winnings and then our $20, and for once I left a casino feeling pretty good even though I did not win.  It was dark when we ventured outside and we discussed what to do next…WALK SOME MORE!

We walked all over the area, checking out the shops, wax museums, tourist attractions, making our own brand of fun at some locations.  Rae sat in the tallest man’s chair, and sat beside some bug eyed fellow in the entrance to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.  She made me laugh like a kid, and of course I managed to get some good pictures!

We had a late dinner and were lucky to have a sidewalk patio view of the people walking the area, which was almost as much fun as the slots!   Gosh we love to people watch.

Following diner we walked around a little and then headed back to the hotel room, where we noticed that it was after midnight!  The day had passed in a heartbeat, and we had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Rae managed to get a hold of her brother via Skype, and they chatted for about 40 minutes, and it was funny.  Rae’s brother was on his game and his stories about salamanders, frogs, and the Saskatchewan Rough Riders, making hilarious quips causing both of us to laugh like crazy!  It was the perfect end to the night…

Day two in Niagara Falls started literally with a bang at about 0630 hours, our considerate neighbors decided to do a wake up call by slamming something heavy against the wall.  It was so loud and the wall reverberated so much from the impact I thought someone was being killed.  Now very much awake I listened and it was the children of said neighbors yelling and messing about.  Nice.  The festivities continued and it was clear there was no more sleep to be had by us, so we showered, dressed, packed up and left.

We had decided to drive the Niagara Parkway to Niagara on the Lake, as suggested by my mom.  This turned out to be a very pleasant drive with views into the Niagara Gorge, and many beautiful homes.  We stopped to take pictures of a giant floral clock, a very small church, and Fort George.

We also stopped at a couple of wineries which immediately brought back memories of Rohne and Sheila our friends from Washington, where we had enjoyed our first major events of this adventure, the Astoria Wine and Seafood Festival.  Of course I took lots of pictures, and caught Rae pretending to drink wine from a huge barrel, it was a super funny moment that only Rae can pull off.  Of course it was very entertaining for the bus full of tourists that had stopped at the winery as well!  LOL

We continued along the shoreline of lake Ontario and came across a rusting ship that was resting on the beach near St Catherines.  We walked around the rocky shores trying to find the best spot to view the wreck, and it was not possible to get out to it without getting very wet.  So I decided that it would be better to forgo the usual reach out and touch things routine, and settle on some picture taking.  Rae and I walked back to the car hand in hand, very happy for where we have been and for the opportunity to continue this adventure.

Eventually we made it back to the QEW highway and then the 401 east to Oshawa.  It seemed like it took forever due to the high volume of traffic and never ending construction zones, but we made it to my parents home safe and sound.

We had another wonderful night with my family, staying up until almost 0100 hours, the conversations have been so much fun, just what I needed.




  1. I can’t believe you were here and we didn’t know you! that was Tim’s b-day too. Bummer. Definitely next time though!!!!! Great photos!

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