Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 19, 2010

Rain day with my other Brother! August 15 or Day 119

OMG, it was such a late night and the day just seemed to start oh so late!  Despite the late awakening, I was still very excited to see my brother Carl who was coming to my parents home to visit with us!  Yay me yet again!

I have always looked up to Carl, despite him being younger.  In the past I would never admit that, I would not want him to gain an advantage on me!!!  LOL   I guess age has made me soft.  =D  Seriously though I need to let you know a little something about Carl, he stood up to bullies on my behalf while I was in high school.  There was a group in the high school cafeteria that had started to beat on me, Carl intervened and ultimately they left me alone and focused on him.  Carl sustained a serious injury to his eye which still causes him problems today, and that incident is forever etched in my memory.  His display of courage is what I have attempted to emulate ever since.  There is a saying I use often;  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” by Edmund Burke.  I have tried to follow the values within that statement, and Carl helped provide an example for me.   Needless to say I was excited to re-connect with him!

Carl showed up with his lovely wife and we chatted like there was no tomorrow, and it would have been another very late night had it not been for tornado warnings up near his home!  Our night was cut short and we scheduled another get together before Rae and I start our own journey home.

Later that night I literally stood in the rain, I am sure the neighbors thought I was a nut, but I could not help but enjoy the warm wetness and marvel at the gifts I have been given throughout the years…especially the last 6 months.  I had some tears of joy for the life I have had.  The tears would have been hidden from the anyone who might be watching me standing in the rain, which reminded me that everything in life is not always as it appears…even when you’re looking right at it.




  1. Enjoyin the blog 🙂 you two wet enough yet lol

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