Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 18, 2010

Ride to Haugen’s…August 12 or Day 116

I have not updated the blog in a bit, and to be honest I have relied on Rae to keep the blog up to date, poor girl has been over worked as of late!  Today, we got up late after a night of festivity with my parents.   What was bad is I was not feeling too good, and it was not the result of a party.

The day started ok…I got up and had a cup of coffee upstairs.  I decided on a second up and as I started down the stairs, coffee cup in hand, I took a miss step and …gone!  I took a fall down the stairs!  I did, however, save the coffee cup but I re-injured my left shoulder (the one I injured in my bike crash last Aug).  Just imagine my bumpy ride with an unpleasant stop.  It was actually funny right up until I landed on the hardwood floor at the bottom of the stairs.  I landed right upon my left arm and shoulder and despite the humor of the ride to the bottom of the stairs, the sudden stop took my breath away, and then it was all Dr Pain!   Now I am struggling with an injury to my shoulder that just does not quit, and add that the aftermath of a night of birthday celebrations, it equals one sore puppy.  LOL

I took some pain killers, along with some muscle relaxants, and that made everything temporarily OK.  Breakfast was good and I ventured out to visit my younger brother Gerry.  I drove to his house however he was out doing a workout.  He is rather large and uses big weight to make himself even larger! He was not at home, so I decided to ride around the Oshawa area.  I found a Tank Museum, took some pictures and headed home.  I arrived and it was literally 30 seconds before Rae told me that Gerry was now home and I should go and visit him.  Yee Haw, off I went.

Once I got to his house we caught up on years worth of time apart, and I could not help but feel that I missed Gerry deeply.   I find it interesting how life provides us with gifts from time to time, and this was one of those moments.

Gerry showed me the renovations to his home, and of course his Harley Davidson Motorcycle, a Fat Boy with tons of chrome!  We chatted for a bit and then I got to take his bike for a short ride!  I was so impressed that he allowed me to ride his bike, which was clearly very, very expensive…I was so pleased.

Later that night I rode with Gerry to Haugen’s BBQ Restaurant, which is north of Oshawa, Ontario, and caters to motorcyclists on Thursday evenings.  There was easily well over 100 motorcycles there when I arrived. One of Gerry’s friends, Bob, bought me something to eat, which was pretty awesome because I had not had much to eat at that point.  Nice!

We chit chatted with other motorcyclists and walked around checking out other peoples “rides” which I have to admit was a great deal of fun, despite the over representation of cruiser bikes.  What an amazing event, made even better as it happens every Thursday!

We left Haugen’s and drove around the lake Scugog area and I got to see a wonderful sunset while riding, what an amazing sight! Gerry took us back to Oshawa via lonely back-roads, devoid of traffic and rich in amazing scenery. I was so happy to have had such an opportunity to ride with him.

Once we got back to Oshawa we dropped the bikes off at home and I ended up the designated driver, yay me!   Rae and I met Gerry and Bob at a local pub and chit chatted until late at night.  It really was an amazing end to an awesome day.  What  a day, thanks Gerry!!!



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