Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 18, 2010

Date night!…August 14 or Day 118

I was up early which was actually a surprise based upon the last weeks awakenings!   Gosh it has been fun catching up with my family.

Rae and I did have a couple of issues that need to be resolved:  One, get her a new motorcycle jacket and helmet as her current versions had been severely damaged in her crash in Nova Scotia.   We headed to GP Motorcycles in Ajax, Ontario, a fairly large motorcycle shop with a nice selection of womens gear.  Shortly after entering the shop Rae was approached by Yahya, one of the sales assistants who helped us find the right gear.  That sounds like an easy task, but Rae is very, very picky and has specific tastes when it comes to clothing, as a matter of fact she is picky about pretty much anything, so you can imagine just how entertaining our afternoon was!  Although it took quite  a while Rae found an awesome jacket, and a new helmet to protect her noggin, not bad for a few hours effort!

Such effort deserves a reward and Rae took me out for a movie and then dinner!  Yay me!  We went to see “The Expendables” starring Sylvester Stalone, Arnold Swarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, etc, pretty much all of the latest action stars in one movie.  It was a good show, not so serious, with lots of action, and macho guy type stuff, so needless to say it was not a really long show!  LOL

We then headed to Montana’s which just happened to be in the same complex and managed to get a table on the patio, which was so nice.   We spent the time talking about our future, the ride home, and then some pretty darks rain clouds that had developed while we were eating!   Lucky for us the rain avoided our area, which was surprising considering the thunder and lightening show.  I did not want it to end, but there is only so much food you can eat in one session.  We did not want our night to end so we went for a drive looking for a book store, yes we are THAT weird!  LOL

It was late and we did not manage to find a book store that was open so we drove around the area, from Whitby to Bomanville and then back along the lake shore.  We had no map, or GPS and it was so much fun, chatting, navigating, and living large with each other.  There was no better date that I could share with Rae, and it was magical, not for what we did, but for the special moments with each other…

We did not get home until very late and my parents were waiting for us, not worried so much, but wanting to talk.  We opened a bottle of Merlot and the night continued on until the wee hours of the morning…life, love and family all in one day, I am indeed a blessed man!


Yahya helping Rae pick out a new (and fabulous!) riding jacket.


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