Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 12, 2010

Two needed down days…Aug 9 & 10 or Days 113 & 114

The past two days have allowed Ray and I to relax, catch up on sorely needed sleep and finish all the bike maintenance.  Ray picked up my bike from the BMW shop and she is in excellent shape.  In addition to her much overdue 20,000 km service, she had a whack of warranty work including a new chain, sprocket, final drive and valve cover gasket!  I’m practically riding a new bike!  I’m so thankful to the excellent mechanics at the Ajax BMW shop, they treated Frankenbike with the greatest of care.  Once she was home, Ray put his artistic skills into play and painted up Frankenbike to look like she has bled from her wounds and even has stitches in most of the broken spots.  It’s so funny, and really, perfect for all I’ve been put her through.

The only other thing that was really interesting thing that I got to see while we were on our relaxing days was the inside of a nail salon where I got a pedicure with Ray’s mom and aunt.  Pure bliss!



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