Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 12, 2010

So tired! Aug 6 or Day 110

Last night we decided to push the night into the morning with more talk and wine.  Whew!  That just tuckers a person out!

Ray spent the day working on his bike and various other odds and ends, while I made the error of taking a muscle relaxant for my sore muscles.  OH MAN!  What a mistake that was.  I went from conscious to sleep in a very short amount of time.  LOL.  At about 1:30 in the afternoon I dragged myself out of bed.  It was like I was stuck in molasses.  It was the weirdest experience I’ve had with a muscle relaxant ever!  And no, there will be no pictures…those would be blackmail material for sure!

We spent the afternoon visiting with Ray’s little sister and her son, then continued working on Ray’s bike.  He was adjusting the valves and I get to be the lovely assistant.  Laugh if you like, but I am learning a lot about the mechanics of our bikes!

The evening ended with more talk, and wine.  You had to know it would!  =o)



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