Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 12, 2010

Doin’ the Gog…Aug 7 or Day 111

Today was an excellent day.  We headed out to visit one of Ray’s uncles, who has an amazing home on Lake Scugog (is that a great name for a lake or what?).  On the way, we passed by ‘White Feather Farms & Country Store’ that has a truck that is disguised as a chicken.  You read that right!  It was so funny, Ray and I had to stop to take a closer look.  LOL.

We continued on through some beautiful country and soon found ourselves on Ray’s uncle’s doorstep.  We ended up sitting on the back deck that overlooks the lake enjoying some summer beverages and fun conversation.  It was a great crowd with about 8 of us telling stories and laughing.

Soon the call of the lake was just a bit too much and Ray tried out the Sea-Doo.  Now, I should have taken pictures because Ray jumped on that thing, scooted away from the dock then opened it up to max!  He took off like a bullet.  Just as he flew to the middle of the lake, a comment was made that the Sea-Doo might be low on fuel…then…we heard the engine die (or so we thought).  Well, being the stellar wife I am, I started to laugh.  We all thought it was pretty funny that Ray just went Mach 5 only to run out of fuel in the middle of the lake.  LOL.  But!  It wasn’t true.  Ray started back just as fast as as he went out and in no time was beside the dock with this HUGE smile on his face.  He loved it!  He went back out to rip a few donuts, but since it was a bit later in the day he decided to come in and take it out tomorrow so he could really have some fun.  I was excited for that idea too, as I wanted to give that thing a test run!

We wound up back on the deck  for an awesome BBQ supper then it was more stories and jokes for the rest of the evening.  Tomorrow can’t come fast enough so we can get out on the water to fish and play.



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