Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 6, 2010

Rest and repair days, Oshawa, ON, 5 August or Day 109

We had a good sleep and got up late, which I have to admit was very nice for once.

I picked up oil and items to service my bike, and we picked up groceries for my parents house.  We got a call from Tyrone from the BMW dealer and he said my motorcycle was ready for pick up after getting new tires, and that there was some issues with Rae’s bike which were warranty related that would require her bike remaining with them for a bit.

We headed over to pick up my motorcycle and I spoke to Owen, the mechanic who was doing the work on Rae’s bike.  He explained in detail all of the items which required attention on her bike, and that he would find a solution to the rim liner issue.  Just to put it in perspective, the motorcycle service side of the BMW dealership has 2 mechanics, Owen and another fella, so for him to take time to explain in detail the issues with Rae’s bike meant a great deal to me.

The recall on her bike had to do with the final drive, and the items would be in tomorrow, so the bike should be ready for the weekend.  Owen also reassured me that the bike would be ok for the remainder of our trip, which is exactly what I needed.  I told him he would have to reassure Rae as it would be her riding the bike and she needed a confidence boost.  Owen sure made my day and I am glad it was him working on Rae’s motorcycle.

I jumped on my bike, and rode back to my parents house and immediately changed into shorts so I could go help my dad bottle a batch of wine from “Spring Water and Wine Making” which is a store that does batches of wine that you bottle yourself.  We got there and I met “Marty” a very personable young man who certainly has the customer service side of things down pat, using our names right from the moment we met him.  He also made sure that there were absolutely no issues with the batch, and bottling process.

I found it all very fun, and 29 bottles later we were done, except for the drinking part!  We got the wine home and did a 3 bottle wine tasting which certainly made life and sleep so much easier!  Yes we retired at 0100 in the morning, after a night of stories and laughter.  So many good people and of course my mom and dad helped make us feel good despite our 401 adventure.



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