Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 5, 2010

Rain, rain and a Splash! August 3 or Day 107

We got up later than normal, and of course it was raining, but not too hard…yet!  We had a quick bite for breakfast and loaded up the bikes in between rain clouds.  I was actually thinking that we could ride a route that would help us dodge some of the rain, yeah I am full of awesome ideas.  LOL

We rode north on the interstate, which was actually dry, so I thought that perhaps I had the rain dodging down to a science.  That lasted right up to the point where we exited the interstate and headed west on highway 2 towards New York State and Lake Champlain!  I could see the dark cloud and heavy rain as we crossed the bridge, there was no amount of route planning to help us clear that deluge, so we were both singing in the rain, and it was not a happy tune.  =)

I had a plan though, any type of park or overhang where we could park the bikes and ourselves out of the rain, would do just fine as a stop.  Sure enough I found a community park which had a perfect picnic area that was covered, so we literally drove the bikes underneath the shelter, happy that we were now in a dry place!  I ran across the street to a gas station and picked up some food and some pop for us.  I figured that we might as well power up while we had the chance.  We had no sooner finished our food when along came a medium-sized dog, sort of lab like, but mostly just a smelly wet dog.  I promptly named him Splash, as he looked like a perma wet pooch (PWP for short) regardless of how long he stayed under the cover with us.

The rain would let up slightly and then pour shortly there after, so it was looking like there was not going to be any respite from the H2O.  We devised a plan that once there was a slight lull in the rain we would make a mad dash for it and see if we could find a path that was rain free.

In the mean time, Splash had decided that we were not entertaining enough so he sauntered across the highway to the gas station to see if he could find some food and drink for himself.  He was quite the little mooch and before long he had attracted the attention of the gas station staff, who spent the next 20 minutes playing lasso the PWP, it was hilarious.  They finally lured Splash close with some tasty food bits, and then pounced upon him, they were lucky he was not the type of dog to bite!

With the end of Splash’s adventures, which were dashed by the evil gas station attendants, there was no reason for us to stick around and off we went in a slight drizzle. Aaarrrggghhhh

We followed the US/Canadian border west until we reached Ogdensburg, where the rain had finally relented and we found a wonderful little motel with a view of the St Lawrence seaway!  We unloaded the bikes and settled in for a relaxing night as we were both tired, and wet from the days ride.



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