Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 3, 2010

Bangor to Burlington! August 2, or Day 106

We both had another poor nights sleep, which is surprising as we were both pickled from the birthday festival the night before!  So we were up early and on the road earlier than usual.  The ride was awesome, perfect riding weather, not too warm but not too cold and NO RAIN!  Yay us!

We ended up on Highway 2 across Maine, to New Hamshire and Vermont.  Needless to say good feeling gone.  I would not recommend this road or route to anyone as it is intrinsically dangerous.  For the most part the highway is a two lane road with very very few passing lanes, and is packed with trucks, RVs and trucks pulling huge trailers, for miles, and miles…yikes.

I cannot tell you much about the scenery as my concentration was on the accordion like traffic behaviors, which even when you leave lots of space STILL is not enough for you to enjoy the surrounding scenery.   Sad really as the glimpses I caught were outstanding.  We stopped to take some pictures but the weather conspired to thwart even that, as there was low cloud ceilings with a chance of thunder storms, but really no rain…

I did have a very, very close call as a Silver Mercedes SUV decided to use my lane while cornering, I could read the numbers on the drivers cell phone he was that close, and was I ever upset.  My life has to be more important than a text, a look at a map, a bite of a sandwich, a make up session, a book reading, but apparently it is not.  Yes I am upset, if you are doing these things while driving, ask yourself if what you are doing is MORE IMPORTANT than someones life?  I can tell you after the shear number of close calls I have had that people apparently could care less and that is in stark contrast to what we see when we stop and get to chat with people face to face.  It makes me wonder if some type of change takes place when we enter a motor vehicle…yes perhaps that is it.  Well, I just tripped off my soap box…gosh it was such a very close call today.

It was a good day none the less, and the thunder storms that had been threatening all day held off.  We managed to find a place to stay and as soon as we had unpacked the bikes the skies opened, the thunder roared, and the lightening show was so impressive.  The rain was falling in sheets, on a 45 degree angle, ricocheting off the pavement, which soon disappeared under a few inches of water!  WOW!  Now that was such an amazing thing, reaching your destination, and getting to see such a display of power from mother nature, what a gift at the end of a hard day.

We picked up some munchies for the night, and I completed my nightly ritual of bike maintenance, which of course attracted the attention of people in the area.  I ended up chatting with some good people for over an hour in between thunder showers, which helped end the day on a positive note!

Rae and I are both extremely sore from the days ride, so it will be a short night.  Tomorrow, who knows where we will be…


The rain clouds approach...again!


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