Posted by: mckenzie68 | August 2, 2010

Ray’s the birthday boy! Aug 1 or Day 105

We were up around 8 today, both having slept poorly.  We had a bite of breakfast and loaded the bikes.  Then we were for headed off to Maine.  We decided to head back into the USA due to the costs of gas and lodging.  We hadn’t any idea that the East was so expensive!

So we headed out with Ray almost being run over by a woman who decided to put her car into reverse at a stop sign then hit the gas.  I don’t know why she did it, but I’m guessing she had it in park then flipped it into reverse thinking she was in drive.  I don’t know, but yoy!  Not fun for me to watch!

Other than that, we had an non-eventful ride to Bangor, Maine.  The road was lined with trees, with little view…the drivers respectful…and the customs officer totally cool.

Once we got to Bangor, Ray found us accommodations quickly.  We then set off to explore the area and ended up at this crazy restaurant for Ray’s birthday.  This place was kind of like a Kelsy’s crossed with Montana’s with talking animal heads.  I mean, it was a trip!  But the food was good and our waitress, outstanding.

We ended the night with some red wine and Shark Week on Discovery.  It was a nice quiet night to celebrate Ray’s 49th.  Nice.

Tomorrow…we will point our bikes West and see where we land….


Ray's birthday wine...I'm a very bad influence on him! LOL.



  1. Happy Birthday Ray!!!!!!!

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