Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 31, 2010

Ice Cream, Gables and Bridges, Oh My! July 31 or Day 104

It was another late awakening as Rae was still suffering from her injuries, and I did not want to interrupt even 1 minute of her rest.  It was overcast with a chance of showers, so in Ray speak, “prepare to be soaked”, yes indeed.

I spent about an hour prepping the bikes for the day, checking Rae’s bike to make sure everything was still working the way it should be.  So other than low oil and tire pressures everything appeared to be OK.  I topped up her “Scott Oiler” which is an automatic chain oiler, which has done an incredible job keeping her chain lubed!   I only have to feed it hypoid gear oil every once in a while, making my job significantly easier.

While I was working on her bike, a Chinese couple came out, asked questions about the motorcycles and our trip, then the husband grabbed his camera and was taking picture after picture.  It was a little bit odd, I felt like I was part of a story he was putting together, but I am sure it was just me being me, because they were so happy and friendly.  Nice people for sure.

We finally had the bikes packed and headed out towards the Green Gables Farm, the one from the Anne of Green Gables story books.  It was not a very long ride, but it certainly was very picturesque, with rolling hills, great forested areas, dotted with farms, fields and cows, reminding me of Northern Ontario.  Once we reached the Green Gables Farm we walked around took some pictures and enjoyed some pleasant conversations with people who wanted to know about our trip.  We do seem to draw attention where ever we go!

A few kilometers along the coast we found “Cows Ice Cream” which was voted the best ice cream in Canada apparently, and we (Rae I mean as I cannot have sugar) had to have a taste of the delectable delights P.E.I. had to offer!  Rae had some Wowie Cowie ice cream which is vanilla ice cream, chocolate chunks, toffee, and caramel, YUMMY!  I could only watch, a bit envious of Rae as she finished the tasty dish.  Our stop would not be complete without conversations with people about our trip and our motorcycles.  We spoke to at least 10 different people, all of whom were interesting in and of themselves, and seemed so enthralled in our story.  We wanted to know about them but the conversations would always come back to us and our journey.  It is what I need to heal, and begin to see the good in people again.  I am so grateful to be able to take this trip, and start the next phase of my life.

We left the ice cream shop and headed toward Confederation Bridge which is 12.9 kilometers in length  and the main access point to P.E.I.  It is also the place where you pay to get off the island, in our case $17 per motorcycle.  It was so cool riding across the bridge as it affords such a wonderful view of the ocean between P.E.I. and the mainland.  While we were on the bridge we experienced high winds, clouds, sun, and the beginning of a heavy rain storm.

Yes, my intuition proved correct as the rest of our ride to Moncton, N.B. was in a torrential downpour!  We were soaked when we stopped for the night, and hit the hot tub as soon as we unpacked!  Aaaaaaahhhhhh

Our northern leg has truly started as from this point until we reach home we will be travelling westbound…adventure need not be in an exotic country, there really is so much to see and do in north america, I love it!




  1. It was wonderful to meet you both that day! We’ll keep up with your blog to follow you on your journey. Keep up the great work!!
    Laura & Seth

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