Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 31, 2010

Bud the Spud from the bright red mud…Charlottetown, PEI. July 30 or Day 103

We had an incredible nights sleep, perhaps too good, because we did not awaken until 0910 hours!  We still managed to eat breakfast, shower and pack up prior to 1000 hours, we have a pretty good system, oh yeah!

So we headed off to Caribou, N.S. to take the ferry to P.E.I., and much to our surprise we arrived just in time to go right to the front of the line (they load motorcycles first) and then within minutes we rode right onto the ferry!

I was concerned about Rae as she was still very sore and bruised, but she is one tough cookie, riding with no complaints at all.  I could tell however once we got onto the ferry that she was hurting.  It was at that point that I made the decision that we would be getting off the road early in Charlottetown.  It was also Rae’s birthday, so I needed to make sure we had time for some fun.

We shackled the bikes to the deck of the ferry and met some very interesting people, a couple from Quebec on a tandem bicycle riding around the Atlantic Provinces, and a couple of older gentlemen (one was 70!) who were from Ontario and had just finished riding around N.F.L.D.!  We struck up conversations, shared our stories and love of traveling.  One of the gentlemen (I forgot to ask if we could use their names)  had pictures of an Orca Pod right beside their boat, it was unbelievable how big and how close the Killer Whales had come to them!

The ferry ride was a little over an hour, but seemed to pass in only minutes.  We met another motorcyclist and his wife who were from the Truro, N.S. area and they joined the conversation.  It was just so amazing to learn about these people, who took the time to chat with us, what an experience that was.

I could see the red soil on the shoreline of P.E.I. ahead of us and shortly thereafter we were docked and getting ready to disembark.  The ride to Charlottetown was tough on Rae, I could see she was struggling with pain, but she somehow found the strength to work through it.

We could not find a place inside Charlottetown, and were lucky to find a hotel on the edge of the city, neither of us had  noted that fact that it was a long weekend!  Lucky us!

So we went on a walkabout locating some wine, champagne, and munchies.  We decided to go out for dinner though and saw an interesting pub nearby called the Smugglers Jug.  We went in and should have exited right away, but stayed to see what this basement pub had to offer.  It was full of locals, and the young bartender was struggling to keep up with the crowd, however he did manage to take our order for some nachos.  They arrived pretty quick, but to our amazement it was a pile of chips with a few bits of chicken and some cheese all for $14 + Drinks.  It took us about a minute to eat the few chips that had stuff on them then there was literally a bag a chips worth of nachos with nothing on them, and they were stale to boot!  We would have been upset, but there characters in the pub made it interesting, and the little bartender did apologize, so we just added it to our list of interesting experiences!

We ended up at the only other close place which was nothing special, a Boston Pizza.  Not the type of night I wanted for my leiblings birthday.  Boy was it the right choice though.  We went to the pub side, were served by a super bubbly waitress who helped make our night better.  Her was another person so full of  kindness, genuine interest in us and a love of life, just what we needed.  We played NTN and Rae set the highest score ever (she was able to answer which city had the first library – that`s another story) whoo hoo!  We laughed, played, chatted about our trip, the future, and our friends, it was an awesome night.  We walked back to our hotel room and I could not help but admire my wife, her strength, courage, and tenacity, truly an amazing woman.  I am blessed.

Once we got back to the room we had some wine, and champagne, what a wonderful way to top off the evening.

I am looking forward to riding around P.E.I. tomorrow.




  1. Happy Birthday Rae!!!!!!!!!

    Drinking out of a fish bowl I see………….LOL!

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