Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 30, 2010

Frankenbike…it lives!!! July 29 or Day 102

Yippee, I got to sleep in just a little bit, and I sure needed it.  I had a bit of an anxiety attack last night due to Rae`s crash yesterday, which caused my body to expel what I had filled it with.  So after I was finished with the vomit festival, well you can guess how the rest of the night went.  It was a long night of toilet bowl adventure…arrrggh

So I got right to the business of getting medicine for Rae as well as specific items to finish repairs to her bike.  I acquired more JB Weld Kwik, silicone, and found an Apple Auto Glass in New Glasgow.  I inquired about having some Plexiglas or lex-an to replace the lens which was smashed on Rae`s bike.  There was no way to get a new one without big time delays, so I disassembled it, removed the glass shards, and produced the frame which needed a clear plastic cover.  Dave and Swain both awesome people, made me feel like I was the best customer ever and said they would have it ready later in the afternoon.  Nice guys.  When I returned Dave had left for the day so I was greeted by Sandra as well as Swain, who promptly provided the repaired headlight lens saying there was no charge!  I did not know what to say, so I thanked them and we chatted for a little bit, it was so nice to be around such kind people.  For me these encounters have helped me regain seeing the goodness in people, something I had lost over the years.  So thank you Dave, Swain and Sandra your help was very much appreciated!

I finished off my shopping with a trip to Walmart picked up Rae`s prescription which was substantial.  So I made it back to the hotel before the a huge rain storm hit the area, yay me, and then finished assembling the Frankenbike.

Rae is pretty sore and the brusing on her thigh and upper arm has darkened up significantly, and the scrap on her elbow just looks super painful.  She is such a tough cookie, no whining about pain, no can you do this for me, nothing…incredible.  I am hoping that she starts to feel better soon.

So tomorrow I will test ride her bike, and if it is OK then we will see if Rae is well enough to ride.   If she is, it will be a short hope over to P.E.I., and some Green Gables…the weather sounds like it is going to be awesome.

Oh and I spent lots of time talking to Ian (ex-military from Kingston) and Ed (BMW enthusiast from the Halifax area) very nice people who love motorcycles.  They made the bike fixing easier with good conversation and genuine interest in us…thanks guys.



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