Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 29, 2010

The Cabot Trail…July 27 or Day 100

Day 100 dawned with a misty rain, and the rain was off and on for the rest of the days ride.  We headed out towards the Cabot Trail with no incidents and lots of pretty scenery…and tree-lined roads.  It’s strange but I find the tree lined roads very reminiscent of Northern Saskatchewan!

As we rode Hwy 19 towards the Cabot Trail, the wind started to kick up.  It was a crazy, gusting wind that blew Ray and I around.  After a bit, we finally got to the Cabot Tail and started the loop.  The trail was truly beautiful.  The ride itself was fantastic on a motorcycle with lots of twists and turns – and – when the trees opened … the view was breathtaking!  Even the rainy day couldn’t take the beauty away.  We did have moments of sun and blue which make it even better.  Now I have an idea what Scotland will look like when I get to see it someday.  =o)

We rode, stopping to admire the ocean and to take pictures, until we reached Ingonish.  At that point we were knackered from fighting the wind and rain.  It was a pretty little town overlooking the ocean and seemed like the perfect place to stop.  We found a nice little place to overnight (Sea Breeze Cottages and Motel) and found that it was owned by a couple from Calgary!  They had purchased the property 3 weeks ago as their retirement plan.  Very nice people and both Ray and I hope it works out for them.

Once we were unpacked, as usual, we set out to see what we could discover.  The wind started to die down and the sky started to clear as we headed down to the beach.  It was awesome to watch the waves beat down on the shore, the sound was so big!  As we walked we met a nice woman and her children playing on the rocks where they had seen some starfish in the shallow pools there.  Ray ventured out on the rocks to check them out, but I was happy standing on the sand.  We continued on, loving the scenery, to the little grocery store where we bought our supper supplies.

The evening ended with us relaxing, listening to the ocean and wondering what we’d see tomorrow as we continued down the trail.



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