Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 29, 2010

Seeing more of beautiful Nova Scotia…July 26 or Day 99

We were up late (so tired!) but were packed and on the road well before lunch so we were happy!  We headed into Halifax for a quick Timmies coffee with John then it was off towards Antigonish.

The ride was very pretty – we ride secondary roads here for the view when we can.  The roads were good, but there was a fair amount of construction.  At one point, the road we were riding went from pavement to rough, packed gravel with loose gravel on top.  It wasn’t a difficult patch (about 2 km or so) to ride, but it was rough.  It was like riding a crazy washboard with varying degrees of bumps and pot holes.

We were ready to get off the bikes by the time we hit Antigonish.  Ray’s back was pretty beat up from the bumps and, well, my butt was sore from the seat.  Being off the bike for the last couple of days made me soft!  LOL.

We found a room at the Maritime Inn in Antigonish that seemed alright.  Once we unloaded the bikes, we noticed that the toilet was constantly running and wouldn’t flush.  I popped the top of the tank off only to find … get ready for it … a pair of underwear inside.  And…ew.  I called the front desk to send someone up, because … ew.  But Ray, being the adventurous one, just dug right in there and pulled those black nasty girl undies out.  YUK.  Then he let the tank fill and fixed the float.  Just about that time, the maintenance guy knocked on the door.  He was very pleased that Ray fixed the toilet and told us some stories of other things that have happened there.  I’ll tell you, some people are really creative in how they try to cause mischief in a hotel.  Anyway, the hotel was really good about it and even bought us breakfast for the trouble.

We decided to set out to explore the town and find some supper.  We walked all over the place finding some nice little stores, a lovely old church dating to 1874 and lots of interesting sights.  We finally found a BP’s and a Sobey’s and started making our way there.  Then, the sky started to open and we got caught out just outside of Sobeys!  We made a mad dash and got inside just before the worst of it!  As soon as the rain broke we headed over to BP’s where I had a yummy lobster wrap.  I love NS…you can get lobster at McD’;s for heaven’s sake!!  NICE.

I should also say, that the people we have met here have been really nice.   That seems to be the way of the NS people though!



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