Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 27, 2010

3 days of excellent fun, friends and shopping…July 23,24,25 or Days 96,97,98

We woke up the next morning to bright sunshine and a beautiful view directly out the front door of our little inn.  We were really surprised, but the night was so dark, we didn’t know there was such a beautiful view.

We got the bikes packed up and headed towards Halifax.  The ride to Halifax was fast, and smooth.  We headed straight into the city to see Fred Connors ( or, my friend from X-Weighted days.  It was so excellent to see his salon in person, to meet his partner Joel (such a cutie) and chat with him face-to-face.

After seeing Fred, we headed out past Ray’s friends place and on to Peggy’s Cove.  WOW.  What a beautiful place that is!  The waves pounding on the rocks, the light house, the ocean colors…fantastic.  Ray and I took lots of pictures, and played for a while on the rocks with the many other tourists.  One interesting thing about Peggy’s Cove is that there are signs all over the place warning people to ‘not stand on the black rocks’.  The black rocks are where rogue waves can reach up, unexpectedly, and sweep you into the ocean.  The real downside there is that once you get thrown into the water, the rip tide and currents roll you down under the rocks into the underwater shelf below or out to sea.  Apparently many people lose their life there every year by being careless, unaware or by choice.  Yikes!

Finally we ended our days ride at John and Shelia’s home.   What a great couple of people!  I hadn’t met John and Shelia before that moment and they were so kind and took me right in.  Well, that was just the beginning!  The weekend kicked off that afternoon with a few beverages, a fantastic supper and much talk.  No one wanted to got to bed.  Ray, John and Shelia talked for hours catching up on the last decade they had been apart – all the while including me, and making sure we were all part of the conversation.  We eventually ran out of steam and headed to bed, but all were looking forward to tomorrow.


Ray and I slept in a bit, as we were so tired.  It’s funny how tired a person can get travelling!  But once up we headed downstairs to start a day of sightseeing.  What great fun that was!  Ray and John rode their bikes, while Shelia and I rode in style in her convertible bug.  We went to Mahone Bay, Chester, and Lunenburg.  Mahone Bay is a quaint little place with lovely shops and personality.   Chester, our second stop, is where much of the expensive, sprawling, ocean front homes are found.  They are beautiful, and one home was even hosting a wedding.  The day was perfect for it, with lots of sunshine – lucky bride and groom!  The final place we visited, Lunenburg, was again picturesque with a beautiful harbor, lovely houses and lots of great shops.  With the help of my personal shopper Sheila (lol), I even found a fantastic ring.  Don’t feel sad for Ray though, it’s was very reasonable!

For supper we had decided to head into Halifax.  So we took a quick pit stop at home to freshen up, then we all (now including their daughter Morgan) hopped into John’s truck and headed into the city.  We parked downtown, walked the boardwalk along the water and eventually landed at the Alexander Keith’s Brewery for supper.  Our waiter Jeff and his subsequent replacement, Peppie, made the dining experience fun.  Well, them, the many jokes, John’s near death experience (thank goodness for Ray’s ability to tie a tourniquet) and a miss guided bachelorette party.

After supper we drove down to hear the ongoing concert then home.  We had such fun, it was just an excellent day…


It’s true, we slept in again!  Darn that comfortable bed!  But once up we all hit the road on our Sunday adventures.  I spent the day shopping with Shelia and Morgan, while Ray was off with John riding the twisty roads of Nova Scotia.  I love my time with Shelia, she is just such an engaging person.  She’s a survivor of some tough personal times, but is no victim.  I have great respect for her.  Our day was all about walking around Halifax in this warm drizzle looking for the perfect thing to buy…and…singing for cookies.  Really that was Shelia, I was just supporting cast on that little episode!  We eventually got back home shortly before Ray and John came back from their ride.

We had a lovely supper and dessert of some sort of rum infused, flaming fruit thing that does have a name but I don’t remember it (that has nothing to do with the rum).  What I do remember is that it was YUMMY.  We all knew it was our last night together and no one wanted it to end.  We stayed up well past 1 am chatting, until sleep began to  push its way in, broke up the party and sent us all to bed.

One thing we have learned over our travels is that friendships, true friendships, stand the test of time.  And…we can’t let so much time lag between seeing those true friends.  Two good lessons!



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