Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 21, 2010

Thank goodness for good friends…July 17, 18 or Days 90, 91

I got up really late, about 1100 hours, and to be honest I was exhausted and could have slept a lot longer.  We headed over to Bob’s, a friend of Brian’s, for a day of relaxation and fun at Bob’s pool.  We met a bunch of really fun people and were taken in like we were one of the pack.  It was a blast, and we played, chatted, drank and ate for hours.  Eventually we left around left at around 7:30 or so.

When we got back to the house, Brian and Dee suggested a movie to end the day.  We watched “Star Trek”, which Rae and I hadn’t seen.  It was one we had wanted to see.  It was an awesome!  We did not get to bed until 1 am or so, but it was worth it for that show.


I got up at around 0900 hours and went to work on the bikes changing the oil, final drive and transmission fluids on both bikes (26190 km on my clock) Brian helped me for a bit and I got finished about 3 hours later.

Rae was thrilled that I was done as she was waiting to head out.  Earlier, while I was working on the bikes, she and Dee had gone out to see a few sites and to hit one of the Outlet Malls.  We headed out to the Mystic Aquarium, which was amazing.  We saw a number of different creatures, a massive Sea Lion, some amazing salt water aquariums and got to pet some Cow Rays (which feel like jelly).  Afterward we headed out for a nice dinner at a nearby ocean front restaurant, then to downtown Mystic for ice cream.

At Mystic, we watched the draw bridge go up – which doesn’t sound like much but the bridge is really cool.  It’s the last one in North America (I think) that is balanced with huge cement blocks.  It’s just really cool to see and it went up as we ate our ice cream.  Great timing.

After. we continued to walk, Rae had her palm read (she and Dee were properly amazed) and then we headed home.  After chatting for a while we said our goodbye’s.  It was a sad time for us, but Brian and Dee had to work in the morning.  Both Rae and I will miss them and wished we had a bit more time to spend.  We eventually went to bed, but morning came much earlier than either of us would have liked.  But, what can you do?




  1. Ray & Rae, it was our pleasure to have you two over for a fun sun filled day. We are happy you guys were able to spend some time here. We, as well as our other guests, enjoyed the time and the conversation. I envy you guys for the ability and desire to take the trip you are currently undertaking.

    We wish you safe, sun drenched travel.

    You guys always have another place in CT to stay and relax. Look forward to seeing you again.

    Your friends,
    Bob and Joana

  2. And you guys too if you are ever in Saskatchewan…we’ll take you ice fishing. =o) LOL.

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