Posted by: mckenzie68 | July 21, 2010

A sad day today…July 21 or Day 94

Rae got up early and later woke me up, I did not sleep all night and finally caught a few zzzz’s as the sun was coming up!  So I started the day just a little rough around the edges, but excited about riding in Maine.

We packed up the bikes and were on the road before 0930 hours, and hit I-95 north.  Now this is a toll road, so it was not too jammed with traffic, and it only cost us a few bucks, not a bad trade in my view.  Not much for scenery though, just tall trees lining the side of the highway.

Once we reached Portland, ME we eventually took some scenic roads through the Maine country side.  Although the frost heaves had damaged the roads, it was very beautiful, with lots of things to keep us entertained.

Rae and I were both really super happy today, which was so wonderful, and made the riding together a magical experience.  Rae’s riding has improved immensely and although I still worry lots, she has proven her ability time and time again.  We were both tired by 1300 hours, so I found us a place to stay in Ellsworth, ME, and we grabbed a quick bite to eat as well.

I received a message from my dad that my Aunt Lillian has passed away this afternoon, the happiness I had was replaced by a deep sadness which shook me to the core.  I am grateful that my friends made it possible to see her and say goodbye, and that she is no longer suffering.  She was an incredible woman who bravely fought a disease that has cursed both sides of my family, and I will miss her.  R.I.P.  Aunty…..

Tomorrow we will be back in Canada, life happens.  Let the loved ones in your life know how much you care for them, just because it is something we should all do more often.




  1. Ray and Rae, we are sorry to hear of your loss. We send our condolences.

    Bob & Joana

  2. Ray & Rae,

    Please accept our condolences. We are saddened by your loss and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Rohne & Sheila

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